Saturday, 11 April 2015

My New tittle Freelance Guide

Good afternoon my dear friends, I had one more thing to add on my UK Trip, meetIng at Tusk Trust dinner, before I left my country Kenya for a makerting trip in the USA a friend send me an email, (will you be come any time soon to UK)? He ask and I said yes on my way from the U.S. I will spend a week in UK, Charlie the chairman of Tusk Trust in UK said we will invite you to join us at the Tusk award, I said yes indeed I love any thing to do with conservation and this one is an excellent Organazation, The week went busy as usual in any large city like LONDON then I had the card, the event will be on a posh resturants in the middle of London, wou, I then prepare my self with a red suka and a thousand miles, walk out of the hotel call for a taxi off we went, We arrive with and the security was a little tight, but at the same time on my arrival Kate Silverton, Simon King, were there to welcome me I was happy, the pictures went crazy and I fell a little intimidated, but Kate a news reader is use to this kind of flashes, no wander this guys don't see much in the wild there eyes are burn by cameras flash, Many people were there I could say very wealthy on the look of them, big business men and women however I had meet a lot of them on Safari in Kenya, After catching up with a few people we are all ask to Sit down dinner is about to be served, mins before there was silence in the room and I did not know what was happening, I look around but every body was standing up and looking towards the main Door, I did the same and wandering who was coming, The Guest of Honor Your Highness Prince William arrive, this was the high light of my entire trip in US and UK, we were all sat down and I could not stop looking at this great man of UK it was superb thank you Charkie for making me meet My conservantion Hero, Kenya did well on the awards we wan the Overall by Richard Bonham, and second award went to Madagascar, the event was extra ordinary, couloful and lifely, I was thinking about the all good things men do here in Kenya for example Ron Beaton should had been on the List a long time ago, I remember him driving around from camp to camp looking for investors on the creation on all conservancy, Olare Orok, Emotoragi, and Olkinyei to name a few, he is my next Hero at home, I came back home filled with Joy of my trip on the western world, This what Freelance give you a sense of freedom and ready to meet other people who are busy doing good, Next is coming soon, Regards, Jackson Looseyia,

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