Saturday, 11 April 2015

A head of time,

I remember saying we have two spaces left, on my last blog, true we had our guest arrive to meet the extra ordinary wildlife experience in the Mara, I went to meet my guest at Olkiombo Airstrip and the first thing we meet was mad we got stack on the Talek River, oops, The after we had been rescue by Dominic Naurori, we drove slowly toward camp for Lunch, Sara and I did some briefing what we are going to do in the next 7 days on Safari, this was so exiting as every one was ready to see my office my style, This is very important to all of our guest keep time every min lost in camp count, early morning is key for Activities and we have to spend a good fair time looking for Game they move to different direction but we had always manage to see what we weeded in every day we had put time, In our first evening we went to look for the River pride it's is the Lagerst pride in the area with Lipsic and Blackee this pride is solid, Before we sow them we found a single female Cheetah and was hunting this took us a few hours, and finally killed something small but better than a staving Cheetah, Then we run to see the pride before dark and finish it up with our first sundowners, the pride consist of 2 Males, 5 Lioness, lots of young of different ages, fun as you can imagine, the play, running around at taking each other, the beautiful evening light and all what I can hear was camera creaking, I knew the office was busy and good, Sammy and Dominic had fun too chatting and learning from the two experts, how to position, etc, Strait to camp time is up first evening, J

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Rob@Mararivercrossing said...

Hi Jackson. I like how you describe your office being busy when you hear the clicking of the cameras by sundown.

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