Saturday, 11 April 2015

Arriving Home

Now my office is calling, where are the wildlife I love so much, Lemek Pride, Acacia Pride at Mara North, Marsh Pride, the Breakaway, the River pride, Double cross pride, Notch Young Males and Old Makes, the list is endless, what about Transmara, Kinki pride, Egyptian Magoose pride, Mogoro pride, The Cheetah, Leopards, and hug clans of Hyenas, the Elephants heads, all different colorful birds in the office, flying termites, and the list goes on for ever, I had miss them all, Safaris stared, first from Kevin Bishop from Asia to Africa, he came with his family and I had the privilege to take them around, we so a lot, Malaika, other Cheetah, Lions and spend as much time as we can at the Marsh with Bibi and her Family, the tree days went so quickly like we had a day, Then the following two days I had Sarah Skinner with other guest who had travel to Kenya before and love it, Jackie Downey, Lou Frankenstein, Sue Marshal, Follow me for the next Seven days of a safari in the Maasai Mara staying at Entim, Asanti sana, Jackson

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