Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Seven Oarks Kent

Know since I have been slightly expose to the Internet world of communication, one of my good friends sow my post on social media while I was in the USA, we the Skype and made a plan, when I arrive to Heathrow Airport they arrive too and pick me up towards Kent County, the moment I arrive every thing sims small, the space is small, the cars are tinny, compared to Anerica Cars and the roads are narrow and small, We had to stop on serval occasion to give way because the road could not fit two cars, I notice the old tradition of the English People an Nation who once rule the world, Kenya, Uganda, India, Australia and USA just to name a few, I wander strait way How they plan all this in on of the smallest countries in the west, Lots of Churches on view within the Village and the houses look old and settle within the old Oarks Trees who had lost there leaves, every small space available was covered with fllowers and blue tits will fly a cross in between the tradition gardens, Finally I arrive on my destination, the cattle was boiling and had a cup of tea, I felt at home but still a little cold, my best friend was the radiator on the wall which provided heating in the house, I hug it dearly as I got hot and cold every now and then, after a full English breakfast I took my shower and took a small nap, this was refreshing, just in time to go for small walk with Dogs before we had dinner meeting, Our friends who had been on Safari with me a few times arrive just in time for sundowners but no sun at this point it gets dark quickly never mine it's England one of the guest said, Our stories at seven Oarks was about the last safari and how great it was in the Mara Triagle, this one of our best places to visit in the Maasai Mara, we reflect the black Rhinos, Hundreds of Elephants, lions, Cheetah and Leopards, the sounds of hippo on the Mara river right at Dirisha camp site, And Philip and Isaac dishes, Chocolate Brownies, we were carried away to my office within seconds, we plan quickly the next trip and hope they had contacted there agent and book 2016, I wave good night and went to bed I slept so quickly just like a doll when you rest upside the eyes close instant, The next morning we have a few appointments with Chris who is the Boss of Bush and Beyord a long side Trish Bonham, this time round we did fast from one place to another, but I had meet so many agent we had visited, it was not had at all, our Job is to remain them about Bush and Beyond and the propaties they represent, A good Job well done, now we regroup again, Josh, Alex, and Chris, this a team of men but one have red instead of black, I had an invitation to join 100 people who came to join winners of Tusk Trust Awards, this I could not resist, especially when one of the Royal family Members was coming, I had to prepare my self and finally, I arrive at the club, The security was tight and what was amazing some of this security offices know my name, so there was not much to check on me I just went in and out because of the picture, TV work etc, This was my highlight of the UK visit, we chatted exchange cards and catch up with mates I have not seen or had from for years, Simon King, Kate Silverton, just to name a few famous people in the club Claggys, I did not know where the time went, Wait for the next write about dinner servers, Asanti Sana Jackson Looseyia,


Mike Attwood said...

Welcome to England Jackson, Kent is probably the warmest county in England at the moment. Take care.

gee willikers said...

Enjoy your stay!

April Griffiths said...

Welcome to the UK Jackson!!
So nice for you to catch up with old friends. Not surprised you are cold - we are and we are used to it!!
Have a great stay and take care xx

Liama Jhons said...

hope so you will get back your little one soon Lost and found