Friday, 24 February 2012

The End of a King

Dear Friends of the Maasai Mara,

After some time waiting to find out what had happen to Clawed I now finally come to this final fear well to the Old King of the Marsh pride Clawed.
This Male came into the Marsh pride with Romeo and Challenge Notch after his brother got Killed by a buffalo in the Marsh.

Rest in Peace Old boy this not how we wanted you to home however you have died like a brave King fallen onto a Maasai Warrior spear.

It was a matter of time who will take over the Marsh pride, as we know the old Males were not able to continue protecting the pride.
Clawed was ok but a lone matting patrolling at night the pride territory was not possible in the mara, where we have such a strong coalition of young males between 3 to 6 at times.
The young males from the Marsh and there Sisters had been on the edge not really joining the rest of pride especially after Lisbey got lost how ??

Where did we fail I think stopping the old Male and the Marsh pride from praying on Maasai Cattle. Secondly is compensating the locals from the lose of there cows,
Third educating the maasai Mara people on the importances of Lions, numbers around the world and how many left in the Kenya and Maasai Mara.

Senior Members of the Marsh pride a live today are Clawed somewhere hiding from the Musketeers, Bibi, and White Eye.
Coming up, out of the 9 cubs during Big Cat live all the females(4) are a live on top of Rhino Ridge, (5) of the brothers went off towards the Mara Conservancy sadly 2 died early on and 3 were ok some time ago near the marshes below (Little Governors dirisha).
Joy went towards Oloibor soit and sadly had lost one little cub of the 5 she left with after the take over by the 4 musketeers.

A lot to cover on Lions a lone in the Mara.

Have a bless day in your office.


Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

i'm sad to hear that clawed is dead i hope that Romeo will survive on his own

Anonymous said...

So sad..

Richard Trillo said...

I also heard that Claude/Clawed had died. Everyone was talking about it when I was at Rekero three weeks ago. Sorry we didn't get to meet, by the way!

Jackson, when you say: "Senior Members of the Marsh pride a live today are Clawed somewhere hiding from the Musketeers, Bibi, and White Eye", I'm not clear which senior members are alive? Could you clarify?


Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Richard Thrillo,

I have not had if Romeo had Died the last time I sow him was when I was at Rekero camp January this male was in ok just lonely,
If he had died I still have to find out however for sure Clawed had been speared at Mara rianta Bomas.
I would like to clarify its Bibi, and White Eye in the pride and I may had Mistaken Romeo with Late Clawed.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

That's to bad they killed him.. It really makes me mad when they do, the Lions are animals they see food and go after it! They can't differentiate between wild food and farm food! That's just not right!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, seeing that photo of in peace dear warrior.

Thanks for sharing Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Jackson, the picture of Clawd is that him after he's been speared. It looks like he has a hole in him at the back by his leg. Thanks

Alice said...

Rest in peace in havern boy! Sure you will be protected there!

BiBi Fan said...

Humans and animals are meant to be co-exist, until mankind fully comprehend tbis, diseases and disasters will still strike us hard. R.I.P my beloved Clawed, you have fulfilled your legacy.

Gold Angel said...

He looks like a little bored and dispirited.

Anonymous said...

it was sad to learn Clawed had died, but he lived his life in full, how glory it would be for a lion like him, RIP Clawed.

Anonymous said...

what happend to the rest of the pride are they ok?
I saw 6 lions killed in kitengela today 20/06/2012

Anonymous said...

unfortunately more humans are moving to Kitengela which is the new up and comming area for our generation as they start families of their own. Hope something can be done to reduce Human animal conflict.