Friday, 24 February 2012

Mama Olive you have done us well

Since I have known Olive for more than 8 years, this Leopard has given us a lot friends I call members of the maasai mara office.
First I had watch her with Binti and Ayah on the banks of Talek River, her Late mother Bella use to come and stay with them some time eat and sleep at the same tree or bush, a behavior we have not witness before with Leopards.

When we followed the life of Olive we found out Binti and Ayah have got a young male cub Kali,
Ayah and Binti left after some big Sister argument but Kali stayed with his mother a few months after that.
We thought this was just one off experience with Leopards of maasai Mara, Paja and Nkayoni were born in the same old roots of a Uclea tree on Olare Orok river just below smelly Crossing.
The two young Males did had any straggle on food especially having such a great Mum like Olive.

15 months down the line two more cubs were born, Olive now have to feed 4 mouths, for nearly 5 months soon after one of the cubs died may be Killed by lions or hyenas no eye witness a part from Olive having a large cut on her hide leg.
Paja move on Nkayoni stayed on being feed with his sister now call Bahati meaning Lucky.

On my last visit to the maasai Mara Olkiombo area I found Olive heavy in Milk I told the guides she was nursing, I reckon the cubs were just been born and I respected her did not follow tell any one its her private time.
Just a day before i left Olkiombo the news broke out Olive have got 2 more cubs how nice to know this news, brought a smile to my face but sad news to the number of cars visiting her every day.

Now she will be feeding Bahati, and the new two cubs bless her Olive had done so well to our park and Leopards stories continues on the banks of Talek River.

Asanti Sana,

Jackson Looseyia.

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