Friday, 24 February 2012

Maasai Mara Cheetahs,

Dear Friends,

As you all know how much I love my office, you can see why, this subs look upon me and you to protect them and the future of Maasai Mara Cheetah.
When I blow the whistle on this threaten species some guides and operators thought I was just looking for funds, Now its had to find Cheetah in Many parts of the Mara when ever you go hours, its easy to see Leopard any time on a safari of 4 days than seeing 2 cheetah sad.

Our Honey boys are still around fig tree area towards Keek Ork which is not really my line of work, however every now and then they come to Rhino ridge.
The number of Hyenas and Lions on the Ridge and Topi plans had increase so much to an extent the Cheetah have to move as soon as they can out to quieter places.

Naboisho did host the highest number of Cheetah in all conservancies however Mara North, Lemek, and Olchoro Conservancies are getting a little Share of Cheetah recording, a total of 6 last week.

Okinyei is now holding the highest record of up to 17 different individual photograph by Nelson Keiwa with the KWT Maruti we gave him last year.
They will come back but hope soon.

Bless you,

Jackson Looseyia.


Dom Citrullo said...

Hi Jackson,
I recently found a link to your blog from the Big Cat Diary on You Tube. It is there that I recently for the first time saw the Big Cat Live Series.
I am new to Big Cat Diary, having discovered it on Animal Planet reruns 2-3 years ago. I have become a fan of the series and the presenters involved.
I recently joined Jonathan and Angela's Scott's website and blog.
I have become a strong advocate for the preservation and protection of all Big Cats.
I love them all, but my sentimental favorite are the Cheetahs.
On of my favorite stories is that of Toto and his mum, Honey. I still see it in reruns and have recorded many episodes of the series.
It's nice to know that they are all on Youtube.
It is a dream to see the Big Cats there in the Maasai, including the Cheetah.
It's funny how you refer to the Maasai Mara as your office.
Someday I'd like to visit you there. In the meantime, I'm here in Florida, USA, doing what I can to help protect these Big Cats.

take care,

Dom Citrullo

MelissaLynn said...

I was just wondering if there was any information on Solo the lion cub of the ridge pride from Big Cat Week Season 2??

Dom Citrullo said...

Hi Melissa,

Solo and his exploits, with his cousins, was one of my favorite segments on Big Cat Diary season 3 from the year 2000.
Two years later on Big Cat Diary season 4, he is shown as a 2 year old with a buddy hunting separate from the Ridge Pride.
According to sightings. He left the Ridge Pride, being pushed out as a young male and went on to head a Pride in another area of the Massi Mara.
On Jonathan and Angela Scott's Blog there is more info on Solo in more recent years.
I believe that he is still alive and kicking, being almost 12 years old this year.
take care,

Dom Citrullo

Gold Angel said...

Meaningful job.Support you!

migmogs1794 said...

what ever happened to Shakira and her cubs? i miss big cat live/diaries etc