Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Scare Face or Napejo Eseder is the Leader of Rongai Pride, meet her yesterday with 3 other females a long side Kind Notch,
Old granny Naibor had gone to the Large Savanna though she had left a lot of females with grand-cubs.

At this time of the year lions are having a had time getting food hope some game will come around soon.

We straggle to see this family in the long grass, on the other had Shadow is doing well she have one cub now, Andy Rouse with his group just been to Mara North Leopard Gorge and seen mama Sawadi also known as Shadow with her little baby.

Lots of love

Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Thanks Jackson.

Good to hear from you and to catch up with life in your office.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting name for the lioness...Scare Face, I can actually see why. Many thanks for sharing these photos!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson,

Just read on Jonathan and Angie Scott's blog (2 Feb 12) that Clawed is dead. A sad loss of such a magnificent lion.
Memories forever. RIP Clawed.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jackson,

Thanks for the news.
Did you already saw Malaika, shadow's (Zawadi) new daughter ?
Hope you will see her soon, and post photos of her!
What a mum, she rised so many babies until adulhood! I hope she is not too tired, now, and that she will be able to do so with little Malaika.

Thanks for sharing with us news of our dear Mara, and many thanks too for helping us two weeks ago: I was with William Ole Rotiken and our car was stucked on a rock just in front and view of lionesses, and you help us by pulling our car and thus avoid that we ended as lion'snacks !

Take care, and have good time in your "office" !

Sophie Gandrille

ʎɹɹɐɥ ɥʇǝqɐzılǝ said...

follow me :)

Bill said...

Hello Jackson!

Your blog continually gives me a sense of what goes on there and what richness of life there is. Thank you very much for giving us these updates.

Anonymous said...

Thrilled to read that Shadow is still thriving. My all time favorite from the series along with Kike the cheetah