Friday, 24 February 2012

Lemek Pride we hope you will come back to your glory.

I had grown in this particular area of the maasai Mara, infect my first game drive was from this place also known as Aitong plains, it was the best place to see cheetah, in one drive we found 11 different Cheetah before Lunch and prides in this place where second to none.
Lemek pride use to be a large pride indeed of up to 27, some time 30 lions, now reduce to 10. I am hoping in the next two years it will come back again we are following very close.

Just three days ago the pride had big fight with Hyena the strongest and most dominant predator in this region.
The lead female injured but she will be fine though she is limping and little slower.
The large Males here go between Olchoro and Lemek therefore there protection is not as good when it come feeding frenzies.
Conservancies are at its best for years thanks to Brian Heath of Seyia Limited, he work very had to make sure quality is followed.

I could be camping here some time soon who knows if your will be my first guest next or this year.

Kind regards,

Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson, thanks for all the updates.
glad to see Olive doing so well, shame the cheetahs aren't. fingers crossed the ridge pride will increase in numbers soon - do look well though.
So sad to hear about Clawed :( he seems to have been around for ever!!
Take care,
Apesey xxw

Laikipia said...

Lots of great updates and photos. Thanks Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates Jackson, I love the photos you always share with us.

Alice said...
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young said...

WHERE's solo the male lion

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all the news, updates about our feline friends, Jackson. So sad to hear about Clawed, farewell my dear, may you rest in peace.

layla said...

Have not been here for a while but lots of fantastic and sad news about the old boy - what a king he did well for the Pride. Love Olive and family such characters. I Love the Cheetash - ANY NEWS ON WHAT HAPPENED TO SHAKIRA AND FAMILY - SUCH A LONG TIME WITH NO NEWS. JACKSON AND THE TEAM DO A FANTASTIC JOB KEEPING AN EYE ON THE AMAZINGA ANIMAL KINGDOM IN THE MARA AND IT IS GREAT THAT JACKSON KEEPS US ALL UPDATED. THANKYOU.

Anonymous said...

i hope the lemeke pride will go back to a large pride again and the two pride males will protect the lemeke pride.

Gold Angel said...

Best wishes.