Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Our Spotted Cats

 Dick is the Old male a few years before Honey boys they were the strongest Male Cheetah in the Area.
Now a lone old but strong, of the two most beautiful spotted cats in the Mara Cheetah had prove to have given us guide the most Challenge of all on Drives this days.
We can see a few Leopards from Mara North to Naboisho but Cheetah had become very had indeed.
Speaking to the Guides a cross the Mara they all admit its the main Challenge to See and Show guest.

Olive now is about to show her little ones its just a matter of time before we see they new cubs fingers cross. We had Meet Binti, Ayah, Kali, Paja, Nkayoni, and last Bahati.
She had been the best mum I have known on Leopard world.


Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear from you!

Laikipia said...

Happy new year Jackson.

Good to hear from you and some great photos and updates.



Kelly said...

Where have the cheetahs gone? Did they leave the area?