Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Notch and Olive

Dear Friends,

Happy New year, after some time away from the park I have just arrive to meet up with my old friends, Notch and Olive,
Both old now but still going, Notch and his Sons Kill a hippo a few days ago Now taken over six prides, From Main Crossing to Fig Tree.

Olive other other had is about to give more present young ones, We are following her close yesterday she was hissing on Bahati thinking she is just sending a message I am busy baby.

Have a good year,

Kind Regards,



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jackson, glad to have you back and hear the cats are doing well. cant wait for a picture of the leopard cubs! fantastic photos as usual.
Take care,
Apesey xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackson. Notch continues to amaze. Glad Olive is doing well too.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to everyone here! What stunning pictures of the big kitties, thank you for sharing them with me.


Mike Attwood said...

Happy New Year Jackson. Keep on posting news on the big cats.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and great pics.