Sunday, 29 January 2012

Romeo is around indeed.

Romeo  before and after he is a live I have check all signs, he was very shy at the begging but after we had stay for 2 hours he was ok.

It tell you how strong the Lions are, what is he feeding on most of the time, where does he live, like in the last few days he is lost,

I had news from a lot of offices in the field that Clawed is accepted by the four new Musketeer, what is gone on there??
We think we know some thing then some thing new come over books are being rewritten Love this office indeed.

Have a good evening,

Kind Regards,

Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Wow - what brilliant news Jackson. Thanks for confirming this. How amazing he is alive and well.

Whitestarling said...

That really is fantastic news Jackson thanks. We said if anyone knows it's Romeo it would be you. It's great he's still alive, and looks OK. We are all thrilled.

bernie bee said...

Thank you Jackson wow.. it certainly looks like him ..but I'm no expert on these things!!! As for Clawed it seems some blogs think he just maybe related to them in some way. I don't mind which one as long as they let him feed. Keep everything coming in I check three or four times a day. Bx

Mike Attwood said...

Best news I've had this year. Thankyou Jackson

Ronnie said...

Thanks for the update Jackson. Hopefully this will clear up all the confusion. How did his legs look as it had been reported one was hurt pretty bad in the fight?


Anonymous said...

Just saw a bit on Jonathan's forum/blog that Clawed, alas, was found/identified and had been speared. So very sad, may the big kitty rest in peace.


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