Sunday, 28 March 2010

Olive cubs names

Nkayioni above.

Dear My friends,

I now want to once again like to say a big thank you for all who shard teas or commended on Red.
Most had for me than any one, I live with this animals, every day on drive I meet them, I get to learn each one of them character, that was the had part for me more than any thing.

The marsh pride had gone through this problem all the time year after year, and  an reported I must say now I have been your eyes ears up here at the maasai mara, I am there now on behalf  of the Mara lions to let the world know what hardship the Lions are going through but have little I can do at the moment.

We must admit the problem is there, here we are with a National reserve ruled by a weak system and nothing I can do, as well as you all but, to put some pressure on the relevance people to make it work  some day.

Paja Below.

The mara have all the money you need in the world but all doing the wrong thing, as a result the Staff who should be running the day work of the reserve are left withought cars, poor infrastructure, No communication and the Locals have taken advantage of the situation.

I love to do some thing as you all suggested but I am so worried to do any thing that can fail as I hate that.

The only thing I can have as hope for the marsh pride is the Mara North Conservancy if this work we are all won the war withought a doubt.

I am on fire like through my fingers as I type this Post anger and frustration.

Any way what I was going to tell you is yesterday our friend Paul Kirui meet up with Olive cubs and we are now on the proseses of giving them names.

I wish you all well at the end of this day and be bless all the way to your homes.


Jackson Looseyia.




we muzungu cannot do much. We share your freustation and we can imagine how hard can be to change things in there, not an easy task. Let's bet on the Mara North success, if they do as good as the Mara Triangle does, it will be already a victory. Better them to hurry up.

About the names for Olive cubs, we like the Nkayoni and Paja, they are nice names. We like the local names rather than ocidental names. It sounds more authentic ;-)

Kila la kheri,
Cassio & Alessandra.

ilovecheetahs said...

Dear Jackson
Your passion and frustration for the plight of these animals shines through in your words.
However bad we all feel about what has happened to Red, it must be little compared to yourself. To live alongside the cats must be a privilege and you must feel a strong attachment to them.
I know that when we visit and the time comes to leave, it is so sad as we feel we have come to know and love all of the individual cats that we have been fortunate enough to see, so heaven knows how attached to them you must be.
Thanks Jackson for your devotion and for keeping us all so well informed. I am hopeful that with the help of lots of people like yourself, things will eventually turn around in the Mara and these awful events will hopefully become history.
Asante sana

ilovecheetahs said...

Sorry. Forgot to mention my ideas for the leopard cub names.
Kaia (wild cat) and Amali(Charm).
Hope our dictionary translations are correct!!!

Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson

Our hearts are with you - the news of Red is so sad and the frustration you must be feeling.

Let us hope that things in the Mara will change - you work so hard to make things better there and we all appreciate the time and effort you give.

Kwaheri kwa sasa

littlewid said...

Jackson it is delightful to see the leopard cubs and their names are adorable.
Your anger and frustration is completely understood Jackson, we can only but touch on how you must be feeling. Like Cassio i'm praying and hoping on the Mara North success, sometimes anger can be a good thing as it drives us forward and makes us strive to achieve, it can give us the edge to keep going to make a change.
My thoughts and prayers are with you Jackson.

Susan said...

We share your frustration with you, I really believe that those who follow your work through this blog, and elsewhere need to follow your lead.

It is easy to get angry, finding solutions not so easy. You are doing a great job, and information is a powerful tool.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Jackson; As everyone has said your love of these animals it shows. But as you say a very weak legal system isn't helping at all. All we can hope is that the people can see that the current system doesn't work and elect people who will not tolerate this kind of behavior. And for not enough vehicles etc. And poor infastructure isn't helping either. We all heard your fustration in your blogs. And thank you for the great updates of all the big cats and the other animals of the Mara. Hopefully if we have a movement from outside of your country maybe we can let your people see the light. Maybe you can post who we need to contact so that we can maybe get something going out here. Something to think of.

Anonymous said...

i love the pictures of the cubs - how old are they now. i am sure whatever names you choose will be great.
it must be really hard wanting to be able to do something Jackson and not being able to. as someone else said information helps and your updates do that very well!
take care,
love Apesey xxx

Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

Anything we can do to help please say we are all so sad and frustrated for you. You all work so tirelessly for the animals in the Mara and your enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all.

The cubs are beautiful as are their names.

Kwaheri kwa sasa

Anonymous said...

Hello Jackson

I love the names for Olive's cub. We are all frustrated with you and hope and pray that one day things will change for the better. In the meantime please let us know if there is any way we can help. If there is anyone we can contact. I can imagine how you feel being that you are alongside the cats everyday. Thank you for being our eyes and ears in the Mara! We really appreciate it.

Take care and god bless you and your family!

ilovecheetahs said...

Have just read Paul Kiruis blog and see the cubs have already been named. They are lovely names.

Anindya said...

Hello Jackson, you are doing a great job ! Is there anything we can do to help despite being far away ? Do share and post it on the blog. I stay in India and we face similar problems in saving tigers. I am afraid, they are going to be extinct very soon, unless we act fast.


Anonymous said...

This post is for Anindya; Yes the plight of the tigers is awful also. If you need any help also. Please post it. And we on the outside will do what we can to shed some light on the dire situation concerning the tiger. We all maybe miles away, but with the strength of many who love the great creatures of this planet. Our strength in numbers can count. To all know what beauty there is in these animals we have a mutual bond to stick together and do what we can. For no action is going to be catastrophic.

Van said...

Dear Jackson,
Thank you for the updates once again and i can say that i share your fustrations too and i know that it is very hard to change things there....But if there is anything we can help,anyhting,just post it on the blog,we would be glad to be of a help.We may be miles away,but i know that if we come together,we can be of a great help.

Dear Anindya,
Yes,the plight the Tigers are in is also awful.But if we can help,please just post it.Remember that the Organisation WWF,will also be helping the tigers.:D

Anindya said...

Dear Donnie and Van, I think raising awareness amongst people through different channels is the first step. I am also reaching out to various NGOs and checking how we can all assist. I will revert back; meanwhile requesting Jackson to let us know how we can help the cats in Mara. I have fond memories of Mara and RED happened to be my favourite lioness too.

Jackson - hope you are doing well and all our big cats are well too.


Anonymous said...


Such a sad and tragic event - I am so sorry about Red. While we only get to see her on TV, you were with her or near her everyday. Your loss must be nearly unbearable - I am so sorry for all of us. She was a magnificent huntress.

I just read on National Geographic website that 5 lions and a hyena were poisoned.

Whether these were our friends or not, such a horrible loss - and who knows what the effects of this could mean on their pride.

The drought must be terrible, please let us know how we can help when we're so far away :(


Anonymous said...

Dear Jackson,
Thank you for keeping us all up to date on the lives of the Big Cats! Please keep us informed of all the happenings in the Mara!

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear friends,

Thank you all for your support on our wilderness,
I am starting my moves for wildlife and training in Lewa tomorrow.

Soon after that will be back to my office at the maasai mara.

I hope to update you even when its wet long grass or sunny its what I love I am talking about.

Love to you all,

When ever your


Jackson Looseyia.

edwinhines said...

Jambo Jackson
I know you have met so many people and names and faces become jumbled. I first met you with a Bush Homes group in 1998 after climbing Kili with my wife Bette and friends Wawa and Barbara and Tricia. Perhaps six months later you came to Atlanta to see Phil Osborne, and we arranged a tour of the CNN headquarters for you. In any event, it is a very small world to say I have visited your village and and now you have a blog on the internet. Congratulations on all that you are doing and all you have accomplished. Keep up the good work and it will be nice following you on your blog.
Warmest regards
Edwin Hines
Atlanta Georgia

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Edwin,

I can remember some of it as you know we host a lot of people in this camps.

I remembers going to Atlanta Olympic place and to CNN with Ann which I remember being a daughter of The mayer of Atlanta,
We still at rekero camp and homes too however Ron is not doing tourism its me and his Son Gerard.

Love to see you some day again in africa

Take care,


Anonymous said...

HI Jackson- from the USA.

I have been following all the big cat shows on tv, recently I found this site. I have been going through some of the blogs so I don't ask any questions you have been asked. So if I do I appologise ahead. I do want you to know how sorry I am to hear of Red..she was one of my fav lions. It brought tears to my eyes along with Honey's and half-tail's passing. Questions- Do you ever see or talk to Simon or Johnathon or any of the crew anymore? What are they doing know?? Do they come back to the Mara? So many people who follow the big cats show here want to know if another show might be planned? We would love to see a new show on how all the cats are doing. We all love what you do to continue to bring us the cont.stories of the big cats from the Mara. An now we feel as you do with the frustation that is happening there now. So many of us here wish we could help or come vistit the Mara in Africa. But that takes money to do this. So we thank you for bringing your blogs to us Jackson. If there is anything we could do to help please let me know. It has always been one of my dreams to visit Africa since I was little to see and study all the animals big and small. I wish you and your family all the best. Also have you heard any updates on one of my favorite big cats Shadow..last I heard she still was alive but very old is she??
Again..we hope to hear more blogs from been almost a month since we heard from you....
Thank you again Jackson


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

FYI - you can go to Simon and Jonathan's website via big cat diary website. Just click on presenters and the link to their sites is on your right side. Jonathan has a wonderful blog you can follow as well. A lot of information you will enjoy. I believe Shadow is no longer with us. I think I might of read this on Jonathan's website. Also you might want to follow Paul Kirui's blog which you can google. He also does updates on the stars of big cat diary. Hope this helps!


tammy.lounsberry said...

Thank you so much for all the information. That breaks my heart about Shadow. She was such a beautiful cat. I loved to follow her on the shows.

Tammy said...

Just to let you and anyone else that is interested in Showdow, that she is very much still alive. There was a post on Jonathon's blog on April 10th. That Shadow was spotted earlyer with 2 cubs. Now she only has one. She is very old around 14. Sadly it has been reported that Bella is no longer with us.

tylerlawrence1992 said...

did they cancel the show in 2009?

BibiFan#1 said...

Do you think you could give me Jonathon's blog site? That would be awesome!!! It is great that Shadow is still alive, WITH A CUB!!!!! It brings tears to my eyes to hear Bella is no longer alive..... Thanks for telling us,