Saturday, 20 March 2010

Red update,

Dear Friends,

It have been a difficult day for all of us who love and know Red.
The day went pass and not one min gone without me and you talk about the missing star Red.

I started getting disturb a few weeks ago you all know when I went to look for Red and the rest of the marsh pride.
It was another day in the office Simon and his guest went on a balloon at little Governors maasai mara and I took my other guides with me in such for Red and Romeo,
After three hours from Bila shaka to top end of the marsh I could not find Red, I found Clawed, White Eye, Bibi, and Lisbey with all of the young teenagers but not Red, I was not so concern about Romeo, I know he could be with the Three graces and there cubs but Red was my main problem,
That is when I started raising the Flag of the missing Red.

Soon after that I went a few times just for Red, she was still missing and I had ask the near by guides if they have seen Red, one of them said '' ooo the big mama'' she had died a few weeks ago. I ask what happen he said I dont know.
I then ask another one the following day have you seen Red he said oo no we so a lioness who was blind and we thought it was her but she look like not dead.

I went again to have a look and found the three lioness of the marsh pride on young giraffe kill.
I knew this morning that Red is no longer with us she is not with White Eye and Bibi.

Last Drought if you followed my blog I had reported the cattle coming into the mara game reserve and lions have been flat out killing the cows. 
I think not wetness this where Red when wrong, possibly on the sharp end of a spear sorry to say.
I and you are champions of conservation here in Africa and Around the world, We must not sleep when it come to really education of the people who live with wild animals here in the mara, Amboseli, Samburu and the list goes on.
The reason why we had lost one of the most famous lioness in africa is because of that people don't know much about the wildlife they are so depended on like in way of visitors.
I would support any one who create conservancies this will act as a buffer for the biodiversity of our nature. 

I wish you good tonight.

Red R.I.P.

Lala Salama 

Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tragic update Jackson. I feel more sad knowing the circumstances of her death. I hope and pray the other cats in the Mara do not face a similar end. RIP

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for everyone who fell in love with her. But it is even more tragic that people have forced their ways into the area's that are met to be for the wild with their cattle. A sad tale to say the least. But when people intrude into these area's they have to know that it is the way of the wild, for animals don't think. But people are suppose to think. But lately there is no one thinking. And to you Jackson my deepest sympathy for you. For you truly are a man who respects wildlife.

Olivier Delaere said...

Hello Jack. I feel very sad and angry and I guess it must be worse for you... Anyway, if she was really killed by men, the best way to pay a tribute to this exceptional lioness would be an exceptional answer on the field to avoid human/predator conflicts

Anonymous said...

It is the most saddening news that Red's life has been tragically cut short. I pray that there is now more emphasis on reimbursement for the Masaai who lose their cattle to predators. I just hope that spearing a cattle-killing lion is abandoned for more accommodating methods. RIP RED!

dianelionlover said...




Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Jackson. I really appreciate you keeping us informed.

Julie Dowey said...

What a tragedy. My heart is very sad. Red we will miss you always. :(

Lynne said...

I think Donnie said it best. I understand the need for a herdsman to protect his livestock, but my understanding dwindles when he knows that he is allowing his cattle to roam in a revered wildlife reserve. Red was only doing what came natural to her, and that was hunting the local prey animals for her pride. She did what she was created to do, and paid a steep and tragic price for it. The idea of spearing an endangered creature on its own territory, in exchange for hunting a prey animal that is so numerous, is so very sad. That isn't to say I don't feel for the cattle, they of course didn't put themselves into harm's way, but where is the balance here?

Like everyone else here, I fell in love with Red as well, and am at least grateful that Jackson and his fellow Big Cat experts allowed us to watch her flourish as the mother of the Marsh Pride. I hope that White Eye, Bibi, Lisbey, the Three Graces and their future generations won't have to meet a similar fate someday. It's up to us as human beings to prevent such losses.

Thank you for keeping us up to date as always, Jackson. Bless you.

Rest In Peace, Red.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sleepless too trying to think what might had happen, who was that man who kill Red, Did he know what he had done??
The bottom line is this young men are train to Kill and protect there fathers cows.

Any predator is a threat to his family asset.

The sad news was this had happened in the reserve not out said the park.
See you soon.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Donnie,

Thank you for your Kind words I am so disturb with the fact Red was kill in her owen house that is why I am soooo sad.
We will get through the Q is what about White, Bibi, Lisbey, and the three Graces ??

Thank you for your support indeed.


Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Olivier,

Thank you for your hopeful words, your are right, we need to do some thing about it.
This business of people bring cattle into the reserve must end, but how can we end this ??
Its my biggest challenge of all, If we can stop this the marsh pride will be safe for ever and there children will have a future, our children can meet with there cubs and have just as good fun as we are having now with White, and Bibi,
We must start as soon as possible to do some thing about it.

I will update you on this

Thank you my friend,



Anonymous said...

Jackson; You are quite welcome. And when you think of what to do post it I am sure a lot of us here will be there for you.

Fionnabhair said...

I am not sure how much this will help, but, i know that the Cheetah Conservation Fund has given guard dogs to farmers to protect their livestock and it has been a great success there.
Although it may not help with the farmers bringing their cattle into the reserve...
Here is a website that just gives more information on it.

Susan said...

I have to say that along with the others it is a very sad outcome for such an exceptional animal. Not only for all of us, but for the pride whom she was such a skilled, and powerful huntress.
I hope, along with many others,that this will be a springboard to help find answers to the conflict between man and beast.
For us who are armchair adventurers, and watch these dramas play out from oceans away, it would be nice to find a way for us to contribute to some kind of solution. I am sure many on this blog would agree.

Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

Thank you for updating us - but the news about Red is so sad. she will be missed by us all.

RIP Red and Lala Salama


This is really a shame that Red has been put down in her own home. If the excellent reputation of Maasai Mara and Kenya for conservation and tourism are still important, the authorities must be more rigid with the herdsmen bordering the reserve, intensify the patrolling and setting up nocturnal surveillance to avoid cattle inside the park. And they must ensure that the money raised by the tourism reach this people for education and eventually refund the lost cattle if cows are killed by the borders of the park. Having these things implemented, there must be no more mercy for people killing wildlife and the criminals must not be left unpunished.

The Marsh Pride and all other predators are still under threat if the park takes no immediate action.

Let us know if there is someway we can help raise a voice from here.

Red's death must not be in vain.

Cassio and Alessandra.

Cherry Palpallatoc said...

omg.. am I crying?????

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your update. I was hoping you had good news when I first read this. So sad Red was an amazing lioness. What would they do with her body? There is no way to verify this? This will happen again if noone takes action in the mara. I do not want this to happen to any other lion in the marsh pride. Please Jackson let us know if there is any way that we can help. Once again thanks for always keeping us in the loop Jackson. I wish I was there to help!! Losing Red has made me very emotional. I never thought I would be so attached after watching Big Cat Diary. RIP Red and god bless.

Joy said...

Thank you for the update, Jackson. What a tragic end for such a beautiful creature. It does make me angry, seems such a waste & yes, it seems the only way forward is to educate, educate, educate!! Tho there seems to be a distinct lack of common sense -- when you trespass onto an area that's for the wild, then why be surprised/angry when the wild creatures only do what comes naturally?!!??

RIP Red, one of the best.

Anne-Marie said...

Jambo Jackson.

Thank you for keeping us updated, but what a tragic end. She will be missed! However she has left a wonderful legacy, and we can only hope off spring grow up to be just as fantastic as she was!

Rest in Peace Red


Madeline said...

Oh, Jackson, this is very sad news.

Poor Red, she was such a character, such a huntress. I was reading Jonathan Scott’s book on the Stars of Big Cat over the weekend, and it is clear that, like Honey the cheetah, Red was a true star and raised many cubs. Her legacy lives on.

Let’s hope more can be done to prevent this conflict in the future. Like others, I am concerned too about the risk to all the big cats, and also the elephants (I cannot comprehend why ivory poaching has escalated again) and black rhino in the mara. Perhaps more conservancies around the reserve would help with education and sharing profits from tourism?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson,

I'm not sure if you were aware of this. I have read something that had occured in december on the lion guardian's blog. They had pictures of a dead lion (nothing hardly left to identify) that was speared and then poisoned for killing a cow and donkey. They said this lioness was known in the community and had struck many times before. Could this be Red? If so someone should have gotten involved before this tragedy occurred. Thanks for all you do Jackson!

Vijay said...

Hi Jackson,

Thanks for the update. Sorry to here the most powerful and lead lioness of the marsh is no longer there. I always liked the RED, she is aggressive, Protective and main source for the food. RIP Red.

Now I fear for Romeo, is it safe?

Shadow said...

Poor Red, she will defiantly be missed. I am so upset as she was killed in her own home. Why do they allow the cattle in the reserve like that? I got to wonder if the cattle wouldn't have been in the reserve, would Red still be with us?

I think Red should be the star symbol for lion conservation, she was an overall amazing cat.

RIP Red, you will be missed a lot.

Chloe said...

What a sad and horrible loss fr all. Like many I fell in love with Red like I did with the rest of the marsh pirde which is why it worries me about Romeo, have you found him yet Jackson? I hope you are having A wonderful time with Simons guests say hi to Si for me. haha thanks Jackson, Chloe

littlewid said...

Such sad and devastating news Jackson and the amount of posts on here just goes to show how much Red was loved and respected by all, an amazing lioness. RIP beautiful girl xxxxxx

Jackson I truely hope things can be stepped up to stop these conflicts going on, in Reds eyes she was doing nothing wrong. If there is anything we can all do to help protect our wonderful big cats from the same fate, please just ask.


loverofthearts said...

Hi Jackson and everyone, I haven't written in a long time. But this news is so overwhelming to me its hard to speak. Red was my all time favorite and my heart is broken:( I just lost my own 17 year old cat who was my love and now my favorite lioness? (crying) I just am upset at the fact she was speared I can imagine the terror she went through, I wonder if she had not been used to humans, maybe she would've had extra time to run. Maybe she thought they weren't going to harm her. Jackson, I'm extremely happy Romeo is alive, thank god:):) The only way I can think of helping the pride is education in the community. But, didn't the Masai already know the boundaries. Can the Masai let you guys know in advance of their intentions of spearing lions before so maybe you can offer an alternative? Thank you for keeping us all informed:):) Love Always, Loverofthearts222

Anonymous said...

Hello, Thank you for sharing this incredibly sad news. The loss of Red is a tragedy to me. My question is Did she not have cubs? What has become of them? Are the other Marsh girls taking care of them?

Van said...

Such a tragic news...God bless you Red

Grace said...

It's such a tragic news! Oh my god, the loving mum of all cubs, the superb huntress RED! We need to do something for these struggling predators in the wild. Is there any Fund to reimburse the loss of livestock so humans give up spearing? How tears...

Sheri Lynne said...

I think it is horrible that Red was killed in her own home and I wonder what, if anything, we who love the Masai Mara & have followed Big Cat Diary can do to keep this from happening again. Suggestions, Jackson? thank you for all you do! sheri

Anonymous said...

I am deeply saddened to hear about the death of Red. Like many others, I had a deep fondness for her, my heart breaks for her and for all the beautiful animals who are killed senselessly and illegally. Thank you for your updates Jackson, they mean so much to all BCD fans.