Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Dear Friends,

I can now conform to you that Romeo is doing well and he was seen yesterday near the bilashaka with the Graces,
At list you can all relax for a min after such a lose of a star.

I am still thinking what could we have done to safe the situation before red death???

All the best to you all,




Olivier Delaere said...

At least some good news. Thanks for updating. Concerning the dark side of Red'story, you'll get by with a little help from your friends ;-)

Chloe said...

oh thank goodness he is ok and with the three graces do you think there is any chance they may join the main pide now?, after there time of sorrow ): (L) love you red

Anonymous said...

Very sad what happened to Red. But at least Romeo is safe. And I agree with Olivier.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good news. He is a magnificent creature.

Lynne said...

Thank you for giving us this good news, Jackson. After Red's death, I find myself spreading the importance of human awareness regarding these creatures more vigorously than ever. No lioness will ever take her place, but it would be wonderful to see the Three Graces support their pride now that Mama is gone.

Declan said...

Great news regarding Romeo, Jackson. Thank you for being our eyes and ears on the Mara. Strange as it may seem, the cats have become like family members to us. Take care of yourself and them.


Anonymous said...

What great news Jackson. Thanks for the update we were all very worried about Romeo. I think one thing that has to be done is more education within the communities. They should not be allowed to let their animals roam in the reserve. That is the risk they are taking which is also putting wildlife in the mara in danger. Noone wins when its an eye for an eye. They are only doing what comes naturally. It wasn't a price that Red should have paid for with her life. I hope this doesn't happen again. Keep up the good work Jackson and thanks for always keeping us up to date! I hope to someday come to the mara and join you on a tour :)

Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

Asante sana for giving us the good news about Romeo - great news he is doing well with the 3 Graces.


Wow, this is a real relief after the sad story about Red. God bless Romeo and the Marsh Pride, and give them a break.

My 2 cents: No herdsmen in the park whatsoever. After some bad reports, borders must be virtually closed. There can be tolerance when there is no incidents in the park (which unfortunately is not the case). Every incident must result in punishment - unpunishment is the recipe for crime increase. It can be collective punishment if the communities do not help to point out the criminals.
Education has been done, cattle loss compensation is already in place (if not, it should be), money collected from turists must go to community (only if there is no incidents) and lodges must pay a fee to the park too, and the park must invest in surveillance and patrolling, even if this requires to raise the park fees, tourists will keep coming (see other examples like Botswana, Namibia and Rwanda). In a most extreme action, communities settled too close to the park limits must be pushed away to create a buffer zone to keep communities in safe distance from the park boundaries (a tolerance zone for both sides) - this is what they are doing in India for some of the national parks because of the tiger poaching.

Good will to make this work is still the main ingredient.

Nakutakia kila la kheri,

ilovecheetahs said...

Thanks Jackson, for giving us this good news. It is badly needed.
How will the Marsh Pride fare without Red? She seemed to be the best huntress and the main provider of food for the pride. Three lionesses seems a small number to keep the pride going-is it likely that the three Graces may now be welcomed? (I am not sure that White Eye would be happy, judging from what we saw of her last time we visited).

On a more joyful note - do you have any news of how Miujisa is doing?
We were wondering if she is to spend the rest of her life where she is?
Is it possible that she could go to Ol Pejeta Conservancy (where Toki,one of the brothers Simon King helped to rear is living). I know it's a little way off, but she could be an ideal mate for Toki, who, when we spoke to Simon on his book tour, said Toki still had no mate.
I know it sounds sloppy, but what a happy ending that could be!!
Keep up your good work Jackson and may God keep safe Honeys Boys and all the Beautiful Cats.
Take care x

littlewid said...

Jackson that is such good news, at last we can relax over Romeo and I pray the other members of the Pride stay safe and well.
I also send love and Best Wishes to you Jackson, this must have been such a horrible time for you and a hard time ahead worrying and keeping the rest of the Pride safe.

loverofthearts said...

Hi Jackson and everyone, I haven't written in a long time. But this news is so overwhelming to me its hard to speak. Red was my all time favorite and my heart is broken:( I just lost my own 17 year old cat who was my love and now my favorite lioness? (crying) I just am upset at the fact she was speared I can imagine the terror she went through, I wonder if she had not been used to humans, maybe she would've had extra time to run. Maybe she thought they weren't going to harm her. Jackson, I'm extremely happy Romeo is alive, thank god:):) The only way I can think of helping the pride is education in the community. But, didn't the Masai already know the boundaries. Can the Masai let you guys know in advance of their intentions of spearing lions before so maybe you can offer an alternative? Thank you for keeping us all informed:):) Love Always, Loverofthearts222

NikNak1001 said...

Hi Jackson

Thank you for the update on Romeo. I am so desperately sorry about Red and I fear for how the pride will get on without her. Hopefully the three graces can join the main pride or, if not, that the pride can recover from this.
Red will never be forgotten x

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Cassio. I think that survellance and patrolling is a must. I don't think tourists would mind if the park fees are increased. It has been done in other parks with success. Rest in peace Red your memory will live on. Thanks Jackson and may god bless you and your family. Looking forward to your updates!

Anonymous said...

Applause for Cassio Lopes who have pointed all the nesessery mesurments that neet to be put into action, hopefully they will!
Cassio, India is a great example to give not just for tiger poaching! Gir forest is the last remaining home of the lions of Asia and in fact the local people who live in the area have understood so well the great importance of preserving every single one of their neibors- the lions, that their cattles make up 60% of the food of the animals! More education and fees that go to the comunities is nesessery indeed!
Zhana Alendar

White-Eyed. said...

Thanks for the new regarding Romeo. It would've probably been the beginning of the end for the Marsh Pride if both leaders were to depart.

Totally unrelated but how is White-Eye doing these days? I remember a blog saying there was new cubs. Is she still young enough to mother cubs?

This blog really is such a contribution. Thanks so much.

Chloe xoxo said...

I complety agree with Cassio! I am almost reduced to tears when i read all of these comments and not just from "Romeo" but from other bogs as well I am touched by the power of the human race, and yet some still dont understand the importance to help the wild in any way we can such as "Earth Hour", I think this is a grate idea and more things like this should be done.

Thankyou Jackson for keeping us up dated
love you forever Red xxx

Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Olivier,

I had from one of the wardens that mama lagger died as a result of buff injury.
It could be red as you mention however I possibly agree with Sara more than any thing that she was possibly injured and later died as a result of human.

I will not over rule all any thing could be possible.



BibiFan#1 said...

Thank goodness Romeo is OK!!!! The three graces are probably doing all the hunting for him, right? When Bibi was an outcast, (not in the pride) she had two cubs who were attacked by the pride, did the pride kill them or not?!?!?!?