Saturday, 5 September 2009

Miujisa Funds Close.

Dear Friends 
After a long periond of raising funds of miujisa who lost her mother near Olkiombo airstrip I now want to thank you all for the funds you have raise.
We have raise in £ 2,668.44 great news we don't have any credit to the Hardwire or Rekero Trust.
The total we need was from JS hardwire was 251,354.60/- Kenya Sh. and we ordered the sand and ballast for 24,000/- ksh. total of 278,354.60/- and I did exchange on 120/- to a pound totaling £2,319.62, The Balance then of the money we have in had is £368.82.

I would like to thank Paula, and John Loveland for the had work they did raising the funds sending emails to verias people answer every one questions,
Also to the senior Warden KWS Florence for allowing us to intervene when needed be.
Ranger Saningo, and Ranger Maikuya also did the best of all for capturing Miujisa and feed her until help came.
I will also like to thank Gerard my partner in the businesses he work with me very close during fund raising and order of materials from nairobi to KWS HQ.
Again Kyur did a lot to raise funds in kenya and monitoring the development of the Enclosure while I was in the maasai mara.
All of you well done and God Bless you i am sure Moyo is very proud you in the large savanna as well we in the seen savanna.

I now declare Miujisa funds close and thank you all.

Best wishers 

Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Jackson; glad everything went well on your fund raising for Miujisa. She looks great also. Wish you continued success in the Mara.

CheetahzOwn said...

WOW, raised ova 2 grand, dats brilliant, shame she cnt go bck in the wild tho, but still well dun every1 for donatin.

Whitestarling said...

Hi Jackson,
Sorry I have'nt posted for a while. I have moved office, and I only recently got my internet connection back.
That's brilliant news that everythings paid for well done to everyone who donated, and helped, from the start. The rangers, yourself, and Gerard, Florence,Paula, John, Kyur known as Chui on the BigCatFanz site, and last but not least Littlewid for coming up with Miujizas name.
Just goes to show what can be achieved when evryone pulls together

White Starling

Laikipia said...

That's brilliant news Jackson - well done to you all.

May Miujiza go from strength to strength.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you made all that money and have some left over. she looks fantastic!
Apesey x

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
What an amazing achievement and such a heart touching collective achievement from so many individuals, everyone involved has really pulled together for our special Cheetah girl. I think everyone involved should be really proud of what has been achieved for Miujiza.
I trust that although the fund is now closed, we will still be able to get updates on Miujiza and her little friends who will share her new enclosure.
Moyo, we did it, your little girl is safe and well and you can rest easy.

meghan0607 said...

Thats great news. Good job, im so happy there are people out there who are as amazing as all these people!!! You guys really make the world go 'round!!