Saturday, 5 September 2009

The ridge pride

Hamjambo wote,

Since the departure of Snuggle tooth, the ridge pride have run into many troubles.
We have been watching this pride very closely as it cross the Mara river back and forward.
A lot of other lions are crossing there territory and cossing a lot of problems including injaries to some members of the pride.
Last night near camp they are fighting to more other lions and on the move again this morning towards the river.
Until this pride is taken over by a new male they will continue having problems,
 Notch and his boys in the last month have try to take over but no luck yet as this pride is not settle.
The young boys are still mothers depended so we hope the take over is not too soon.

Notch on the other had is not moving very far from the main crossing he now is a father of five little cubs and he is keeping a close eye to his young family bless him.

when I visited the mash pride they were all over the place from the bila shaka to the mash and lost of food around them.

The Three graces are just about to be name and I would like you all to put some names forward for Sara and Governors camp who the most near neighbors to this pride more than any one in the mara can help and support us when ever any thing happened to them though.

Big salaams to every one and more new for the office soon.

Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

call me stupid Jackson but don't the three Grace's already have names.

They are Joy, Charm and Beauty unless i am mistaken

Joe Crammond

P.S Thanks for Updating

if only i could come to your office to see all this for myself

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Anonymous,
your are not stupid at all I don't know any names for the graces and Sara is about to publish STACY, SIANA, AND ONE OTHER NAME.
Some guides give them names but we all don't know about it.
In the mash pride the name are RED, LISBEY, BIBI, AND WHITE EYE, CLOWED,AND ROMEO.
any other names may only be existing on some camps drivers.



Anonymous said...

well if you are aiming to name them, how about Kate, Saba and Angie after the three people to have worked on big cat

after Kate Silverton, Saba Douglas Hamilton and Jonathon's wife

dianelionlover said...

Simon King calls them Joy, Charm and Beauty, those names are perfect and I think we should keep them.

dianelionlover said...

also Jackson, any ideas on Snaggle Tooth?

Whitestarling said...

On Big Cat Live they are definatly known as Joy, Charm & Beauty as Danelionlover said it was Simon King who called them by those names


Sara Blackburn said...

Hi Everyone,

This is Sara from the Mara Predator Project. I've been asking Jackson about these lions, wondering if they are the same lions that I named when they came into the area that I work.

I definitely think they need to keep the names that people are familiar with.

When I returned to the Mara a few months ago, there were two lionesses near my camp, Serian. I gave them the names Siena and Stacey. These lions then moved into the park, and I believe they may be the graces.

I am wondering if anyone has any photos of the graces to confirm this? If they are the same lions I wil have to change thier names!!

If you go to and click on the MARSH PRIDE area, they are on there.

Thanks everyone!


licorne31 said...

Hello Jackson !

Have you recently news of TAMU, the single lioness who gave birth 4 cubs from father NOTCH ?
Is she still alive ? Always single mother or in a pride ? I am so sad for her, watching the series of Big Cat showed by Simon King about her.
And the two cute lions cubs of the Ridge Pride, Cheza and little Sala ? Are they still alive ?
Than'ks for answerd il you could.
And excuse my very bad english.

licorne31 said...

hello Sara !!

In the site, I can't found The Ridge Pride.

licorne31 said...
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meghan0607 said...

Im so excited to hear about Notch. What a cat!! I look forward to more updates from you. Thank you!

Mike Parrish said...

Hi Jackson,
So good to see that you are keeping up with the fanastic work.
I know all the big cats are used to seeing the parks' vehicles, but what about the humans, are they getting so familiar with humans that they pose an increased safety risk?

lin said...


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well all those names that anonymous and you dear Jackson are good names for lions and lionesses in my opinion, I liked this post!