Monday, 5 December 2011

Love this little cats,

A few days I stayed at Rekero camp in evening as well as in early morning I manage to see this wonderful animals.
Enjoy this fab pic, love,

Jackson Looseyia.


bernie bee said...

Hi Jackson thanks for this photo of these Little Cats what beautiful marking on their faces and those Ears!!! Are fantastic. I have been to The Mara quite a few times and never seen these cats ... Name of these cats please.. is there a certain area that they keep to, I wonder?
Bernie Bee

Mike Attwood said...

Always good to read your posts, Jackson. Excellent pitures too.

Anonymous said...

They are Caracals.

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask if these gorgeous kitties are Servals, but someone has posted they are Caracals. What a wo nderful picture, and thank you for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

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