Monday, 5 December 2011

Friends this is an African Proverb which say; if some one have Children he or she is as if never Died.
Our old friends my be some where in the mara running around after they have been Challenge by Scar face group, Clawed and Romeo are a live in there Sons and Daughters for a long time.
I had look very where in the few days I was in the mara but not seen them. I do know they are a live some guides had send pic.

The young male remain us of His great powerful Papa Clawed and this young male is with Joy and the cubs all together.

Jackson Looseyia.



Both Clawed and Romeo are ones of most successful lions on Mara. They have had a great life and a great end as consequence of a natural battle for territory with 4 big challengers - this is more than fair for a lions like them. They have a left a powerful legacy in the marsh. As people are saying around - this better than to hear the news that another lion has been poisoned or speared.

Good night, Jackson.

Anonymous said...

I take it this means that Clawed is no longer w/us? How sad. What a wonderful picture, thank you again for sharing.


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