Monday, 5 December 2011

This are the 4 cubs whose Mother was Killed by Lions at Naboisho, now they have made it on there own how nice, We meet this young Cheetahs in a very rainy day not good light however its still Magical to see them being strong and still supporting each other to the last min Lol.

There Father found them and they got hassle for a few hours but he them Left them a long, Cheetahs as I said to you all early on my Blog they are getting few and few, I belief some of you who had been in the mara in the last few months had straggle to see one.
Its had to drive for days and hours endless without seeing our fastest animal on earth going down slowly!!!!!!.

Naboisho have most of the Cheetahs I can count now in the Maasai Mara I have counted up to 12 Cheetahs bless the people who help to create this conservancy.

Have a good day in the office,

Jackson Looseyia.


becki-c said...

How Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. We wish them all the best and hope to see more pictures of them soon.

Anonymous said...

I concur w/the posting above!


Mark Benson said...

I wish I had taken a flight to Nairobi instead of going for a vacation in Dubai. These Cheetah cubs are fabulous to see and as a matter of fact my visit to Kenya would have given me a adventurous tour as well of the wild life of Africa.

Anonymous said...

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