Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dear Friends this Olive a few mins from Rekero camp just now.
How nice to see her.


Jackson Looseyia.


bernie bee said...

Beautiful Olive a hope to see her one day.
Thanks Jackson

Mike Attwood said...

Nice to see another of your beautiful cats Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jackson,

Incredible: The big cat diary show is displayed now on the french TV, and I thus discovered the attractive characters of the big cats you are following since years. Since the french TV displays the episods in a scrambled order (...) I purchased the BBC DVD and just finished tonight to watch the Big Cat Special (By the way, I love your comments and your sense of humour). And I was up to post you a question that is "Do you have nexs from Olive, is she still alive ?" when I read your post and saw the picture of this magnificant cat. It is just great ! Do you believe in thoughts- sending ?!!!
Thank you so much for this nice picture and great news (for me !)
Best wishes, and continue to have great days in your "office"!

SophieNet said...

The anonymous above is SophieNet
who forget to sign...


littlewid said...

Such a lovely picture of Olive Jackson, she is always a delight to see.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson,
Fantastic photos - glad to see the cats looking so well.
Take care,
Apesey xx

Bill said...

Hello Jackson,
It is a joy to read your updates and see the beautiful pictures!

Thank you very much.

bernie bee said...

Hi Jackson
Thank you for your information on The Mara. Have you read Paul K's blog... things are turning around for the time being anyway!!! Have you seen "the old boys" yet and please post some more of your photo's. Thank you.
Bernie Bee

Laikipia said...

Wonderful - thanks Jackson.

Anonymous said...

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