Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Migration is here but not all,

Dear friends,

After such long waiting from the mara Residents as well as viewers like me finally the food arrive.
The migration come just on time the cubs are looking very thine and there mamas asking what can we feed you babies.
Thank God there is one who care for all.
Wildebeest from the loita and Seregeti had to come to meet in the mara reserve, most of the Wildebeest had gone to mara triangle but lost still in the area and will continue for a while.
As much as we love the action when the zebra and wildebeest arrive the best is site in the middle of them and listen observe as the world goes buy this some of my best moment of all in my office.

Regards to you all,

Jackson Looseyia.


alec lawrence said...

hi Jackson i just want to know if you still watch Shakira and is she doing good?

Laikipia said...

Wonderful to read about the migration.

Asante sana Jackson.

littlewid said...

I have never seen the Migration Jackson, it must be a wonderful sight.
Glad that food has arrived at last for our big cats.

Ben said...

Hi Jackson!Thanks for the updates!
Awesome!The migration has arrived,i hope all the predators can have a good meal now!Oh and Jackson,any updates on Shakira and the Jackson 5?


Mags said...

Jambo Jackson, I am reading your blog and listening to the Kenya Boys Choir on my cumputer, its almost like being there in your office! I wont be in the Mara until late September so can you save some food for me

Asante Sana


Monique said...

Jambo JAcksom

Asanthe for the updates. Im from South Africa and had the priveledge to spend a week in Serengeti in June. We saw the wildebeest come together before they move to Mara. What an experience!!! Then on our way home we met JONATHAN SCOTT on the airport in Nairobi!!! What a priveledge!!!

I love big cat diaries and are busy collecting all the dvds!!

Thanks for all your hard work!!

Anonymous said...

How I envy those of you able to go to Kenya and see all the wonderful things happening there, and someone caught Jonathan Scott at the airport....how GREAT is that! Alas, the Big Cat Diary DVD's are not available for USA viewing...hope in the future the BBC will remedy that! That's why I miss Animal Planet showing the reruns, hope that changes soon.