Thursday, 10 June 2010

honey boys

Dear Friends,

I am just about to finish my safari in the mara wich lasted 5 days so far and have another two to go before I have a break.

The office have been very productive I had meet up indeed with Snap, Crackle and Pop in the Topi Plains,
The after noon was fub as they started hunting after every one is gone for lunch and let the strongest to wetness the show.

The game is still good though the grass is long which make it had for the predators to however its survival of the fittest.

So happy to have seen them after a months since I had updated you all,
In the reserve very few other cheetahs even Saba, and her Cub are no where to be seen, as well as Allana with her cub.

I have been looking for Olive no success yet but she is in the area keep missing them for two drives now this morning she was near smelly crossing but come a little bit too late.

I had found other leopards in the area 

Shakira I have no news at all we wait for the area to busy and we will here there report.

Salaams to you all,



BigCatFan said...

Jambo Jackson (hope that is how you say hi

you mentioned Snap, Crackle and Pop

are those Honey's Boys

aleclawrence said...

does jonathan and simon still work with big cat diary

Anonymous said...

When will Big Cat Week be??? Or will there be one!!!!!?????? Will Jonathon, Simon, and Saba still be doing Big Cat Diary?
Your (full of questions) fan,
actually, BibiFan#1

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's wonderful seeing Honey's boys, I'm sure she and Toto are smiling down from above. To those who have asked about Big Cat Diary, both Simon and Jonathan have mentioned a possibility of filming next summer (2011), but there's no confirmation as yet from the BBC. I have my fingers crossed as Animal Planet here in the states has BCD looped during the days on tv here. I can watch it over and over again (smile). Thank you Jackson for the pictures!

BibiFan#1 said...

hey i got it now!!!! YES!!!!

BibiFan#1 said...

Thanks for the update Jackson!!!! It is great to see snap, crackle, and pop!!!!!! Oh and thanks Anonymous!!!! I hope they do big cat diary still!!! But........ What happened to Saba, will she be doing that too?????

Notch said...

Hi Jackson

I know you here this all the time, but I hope you know how much you are apreciated for what you do!
Hopefully you can catch up with Notch and let us know how he is doing before your trip to the office is over.

BibiFan#1 said...

How long will you be gone from your office? Thanks A TON!!!!!!!!!!

BigCatLover said...

Great updates as always Jackson, thank you.
Lovely to see Honey's boys doing do well.
Like many have said we would love to see Big Cat Diary back on our screens again, I can't understand why it isn't as it is so popular, but at least we have your hard work keeping us up to date

Shadow said...

Do you know who that leopard was? Have you seen Zawadi or Safi, or know how they are?

Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi BigcatFan,

yes this are Honey boys they have been Known for this names for Long time

Jackson Looseyia said...

Jambo aleclawrence,
Indeed if the BCD is aired without them it will not be the same.
always are there when ever its presented.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Anonymous,

We all do not know when it will be again,
Just hope some day it will be coming.

Jackson Looseyia said...

BigcatFan 1,

We all hope she can be ask to be one of the presenters she is a good lady.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Shadow,

After some time the BBC did not follow shadow due to shift of territory and the people building near the gorge then they started following Bella and then Olive in the reserve,
Shadow is some where very old by now and Bella had Died now of Old age.

Ben said...

Hi Jackson,thanks for the updates:)Great to see the Honey Boys!I hope Honey's genes will continue going on!

Maureen said...


What happened to single moms bibi and tamu?

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Great picture of Snap, Crackle & Pop, they are wonderful boys.
I hope you get news soon of Saba and her cub and also Allana and her cub, I hope they are all ok.
Awaiting news on Shakira and her girls I have missed hearing about them.
Pleased that Olive is still in the area and hopefully you will get to catch up with her very soon as well.
As always, Thank You for your updates from your glorious office Jackson.

Melinda Pelo said...

We were so fortunate to spend time with the cheetah brothers on June 7 will staying at Rekero. They were amazing and posed for photos. I will pass some on (even though you have plenty) but I'd love to share our experience with you. On June 8, we spent the morning with Olive near Smelly Crossing. She is beautiful. Our safari was complete with hours spent with the lion prides too!
I so enjoyed our time with you. The days that followed were fabulous.

Maureen said...


Thanks for update on honey's boys. I will be in masai Mara in September and hope to see them and the other big cats

Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

Another great update.

Asante sana


Laikipia said...
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Anonymous said...

How I love hearing that Honey's boys are Snap, Crackle and Pop...that is just wonderful. Got my Big Cat Diary fix today compliments of Animal Planet, they are currently showing Half-Tail and Amber, so Honey is a down the way a bit. I envy those who are able to actually go to the Masai Mara, know that I'm with you in spirit!

Have a pleasant day/evening!


Jambo Jackson,

good to hear from you. I have read everywhere that the Mara is empty of cheetahs in this days. Hope they come back with the movement of the wildbeests later on. Just the 3 brother hanging out there as always. Good to know they are doing fine!

Tutaonana baadaye Oktober na Warren na Jonathan.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous photo of Honeys boys. They look in superb condition.

Glad to hear that they are still doing well.

Fingers crossed that BCD returns to our screens soon.

Simba :)

Anonymous said...

Even old episodes are better than none. And Jackson, please keep us us updated and informed. It's so appreciated! We no longer have Honey, but we have her offspring to follow. Snap, Crackle, and Pop are so wonderful and through them Honey lives on. To think that in a few short years we may not have these beautiful Cheeta's roaming on the African plains. Also, jackson, thank you for the beautiful pictures of all the cats.

Anonymous said...

Have there been any sightings of Snaggletooth? The last time I saw him mentioned was last summer.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing the pictures of all the animals and the scenery. It is breathtaking.

I have never been to the Masai Mara, but I hope someday I will be able to go there and experience the sights first hand.

Jamalbi said...

So nice to see Honey's boys again. Toto and Honey won my heart.

Alicja said...

So great to be able to follow Big Cat Diary cats. I really hope BBC decides to continue the series. Jumbo to everyone.