Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mara newS

Dear Friends,,
Once again we are back to wetness the action on the mara, Our lions at last had got what they need after a long time food, you can see this cubs from Notch Pride or Paradise tack in to the meal.
Notch pride had split into two now but only the females not the males, two females killed this wildebeest then taken over by three and cheese the two far away, the cubs came in and no trouble from the females.

Then this powerful boys are still the dominant group of cheetahs in our area no one can challenge them still,
With the migration being here no problem with food supply therefore a lot of action after every three days if you follow Honey boys.
Still the cheetah are rear in the reserve if they go mmmm we will struggle to see some cheetah,
Shakira is still in the conservancy and her cubs which I think may be going between the two countries Kenya and Tanzania.

Olive on the other had are doing well we have seen then in the last two days successful hunts and the boys Paja and Nkaiyoni is going strong no worry about them.
Not gone yet they will stay for a little while being boys.
There father Golden balls is with them a lot of the time we sow him with Olive yesterday hunting at together rear thing to witness.

Salaams to you all
and hope to see the marsh pride, Shakira, Saba, and Olkeju ronkai pride,

Good day in the office.

Jackson Looseyia.


Ben said...

Yay!! Thanks Jackson! I absolutely love you and your updates! So great to hear about all the cats we all have come to known and loved!

Thanks Jackson, God bless:)

becki-c said...

It is so amazing to see them alive and well so far away. Thank you so much for the updates Jackson, we are keeping your office close to our hearts.

Laikipia said...

Another wonderful update Jackson. It's so good that they are all getting enough to eat now with the migration being in full flow, and that you have seen Sita/Shakira as well.

Looking forward to more ...........

asante sana

littlewid said...

An update to make me smile Jackson, good to know everyone is getting plenty to eat and that they are all doing well. When you say shakira and cubs do you mean Moja, Mbili and Tatu or has Shakira had more cubs? I was wondering if the girls may have left Shakira by now.


Wildlife Photography by Uwe Skrzypczak said...

Thank you so much for the updates Jackson.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, thank you Jackson. Makes me miss Big Cat Diary all the more.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, thank you for the updates Jackson. I love seeing the cats, and oh how I miss Big Cat Diary. May have to resort to YouTube pretty soon (smile).

Misty said...

Thank you Jackson for the update! And thank you so much for this blog. I miss seeing these beautiful animals.

Jess said...

Thank you for the update Jackson. I love hearing about all the cats, especially the Honey boys! They were some of my favorite. I am upset that the US has stopped broadcasting Big Cat Diary on the Animal Planet, crossing my fingers that it will come back soon....

alec said...

I am also upset that they stopped broadcasting it but jackson said they might start filming in summer 2011

Anonymous said...

That's what I've read as well, via Simon and Jonathan too. That BCD will be filming in summer 2011, altho nothing official yet from the BBC. I miss Big Cat Diary!


Great update. Just sad to know that the chheaths are now rare in the Mara these days. Hope they come back as the migration stays there.


Teresa said...

Such beautiful news about Honey's boys! Their mother was the best. I would so love to watch them interact and hunt together. What joy it brings me to know they are still alive and well.
Thank you and God bless you Jackson.