Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Three Gracesess

The 3 Grasesess with there two cubs.
Hi All,
I have been hearing news that one of the marsh pride lions have died, I dont know which is it?
Some of the people my have made mistake or confusing the members of the marsh pride.
As you can see from your self this are the three graceses yesterday morning and I have recorded the four of the mothers in main pride last month.
I think this might have been news of a diffrent lion in the area but I still dont know how this bad news had come to be.

Shakira have left the park to with her nomal journeys in and out but she will be alright I hope.
We had news of a dead cheetah where she headed to but we have conform its a young cheetah and it was killed by a leopard NOT shakira she is fine.

Notch Club on the other had are doing well one thing we don't know yet is how kill hippos every time we have seen this amaizing pride they are feeding on a hippo.
There Girls are still mating I thing since they were vargin they have not yet fully come into family upbringing I should think now they may be but fun for Notch and his boys.
Honey boys are just doing funtastic as always this powerful boys roams around the mara mating and hunting successfully yesterday as we had an encountered them you can see how healthy they are not a straggle of a meal like there cousins the lions. 
The cheetah with 7 cubs near olkiombo airstrip have now move the cubs out the dane but with a very big lose now she have 2 from last time 4 so if you think about it she have lost more then 7o% of her cubs.

We have found Lorian at last she is a live bearly she must have lost he cubs too looking at how scared she is I think (though) we have not wetness she have lost he first litter but this are the rules of wilderness she got to be cleaver to bring the family successfully that is why I take my hat on the two most powerful animals SHAKIRA AND OLIVE.

More news to come miujisa home and the j5 soon.
Have a wanderful week.
Salaams Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating, dear Jackson!
You are wonderful person. I admire you.
It's great new, that Shakira is doing well. I hope her cubs do well too.
And i'm sad, that from 7 cheetah cubs survived at this point only 2. It really sad, but it's nature!
Thank you again for updating.
Take care,

littletoto said...

Jambo Jackson, thank you for yet another great update. I am glad that you have confirmed that all the three Graces and the Marsh Pride females are still alive although I am obviously sad that any animal has lost its life. So for the cheetah and the lioness that have lost their lives I hope they rest in peace.

How sad also to hear about Lorian's cubs. You say she looks scared and that she is barely alive - what do you think has happened to her? I pray that she will pull through whatever ordeal she has endured and that she will go on to have other cubs.

Sad also about the Olkiombo cheetah mother losing more cubs but hopefully now with only 2 left she will be in a better position to look after them.

Great to hear about Shakira and Notch's boys and brilliant picture of the three Graces with cubs.

Thanks again Jackson and please keep us posted about Lorian.


Little Toto x

loverofthearts said...

I'm so worried I'm going to cry if one of the main Marsh Pride females died:( Please St. Francis watch over Red, Lipsy, White Eye, and Bibi:) and their cubs:) Anyone please let me know what happened - you can contact me at Christina Wickstein on Facebook. I know it's weird to put my name but I don't care, I'm so worried. All my best everyone:)
Also, I'm happy all the other amazing cats are doing well:)

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Thank you for a packed update.Like littletoto I too am so relieved that the Three graces and all the Marsh pride are well and safe. My heart goes out to the dead lioness and the young Cheetah, I hope they both Rest easy & Sleep peacefully -x-.
Glad to hear Shakira and girls are fine, let's hope they stay safe on their wanders.
Sad news about Lorian's cubs and to hear that she is not looking so good, we cannot imagine how she must be feeling, I hope your next update on her will be a little better.
We now have to pray that the remaining two cubs of the Olkiombo mum stay safe and well, what a devastating loss for her but as we all know maybe this will give the remaining two cubs a better chance of survival.
Happy to hear that Notch's boys are having fun and that Honey's boys are doing very well.
Brilliant update Jackson and lovely photo's.
Look forward to your next update . I hope all our felines stay safe in your wonderful office.
Take care Jackson

littlewid said...

Hi loverofthearts
I have sent you a message on your facebook page.

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

Thank you for the update. Some good and some bad news...

Paula (BigCatFanz) contacted you about the Marsh/Bila Shaka lioness that died. Apparently the Governors' Camp January 2009 report states this. I've since heard from Sara Blackburn of the Mara Predator Project that recently a lioness died around the Bila Shaka lugga and that she may have been one of the Three Graces.
Since all the main pride lionesses and the Graces are accounted for, who is she?

I know that there are also two satellite females from the Ridge pride or Paradise pride living in the area south of Governors' Private Camp up on to Rhino Ridge and down on to Kifukia ya Nyoka towards Paradise.
These two were named 'Pom Pom' and 'Moustache' by Simon King.
Maybe it's one of these two that died in the Bila Shaka area.

I realise it's so hard to keep tabs on all the big cats.

A big thank you for keeping us posted on the whereabouts of all our favourite big cat stars.



Jambo Jackson,

really good information you bring us here, also good to hear the news about the big cats we have seen so many times.


you are very well informed, thank you for enlightening about the satelite lionesses (more names for the family tree).

Tutaonana baadaye,
Cassio and Alessandra.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jackson,

I read your updates regularly, and find them very interesting and informative. Thought it was time i said a heartfelt ' Thank You' and hope to see you again on the BBC. In the meantime, keep up the good work.

Regards to all of your team.

Elly Gathungu said...

Habari Jackson,

Impressive to finally find you on this blog. Have not seen you since my last safari in the Mara in January.

I have been very worried about Bella and now i see that you have broken the news of the same sad thing that was crossing my mind. i had asked my good friend Paul Kirui and he hesitantly told me that he have not see or heard of her in a while.
Kindly keep me posted and on other leopards in the area when you get a chance.

Elly Gathungu