Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Moja mbili tatu.

Asanti Shakira,

Shakira and her cubs are doing well even though she has choosen to be with hyenas life is not too bad after all.
In the few months she went in and our of the park covering a large territory which is part of teaching her cubs, just to say this words; Moja this are the maasai cows the people can be hatari do you hear me kids'' yes mum said Mbili and Tatu which look very sceard.


Always we say why the trable of going out of the park and mix up with the farmers from a cheetah point of view but we have to understand the conservation is part of there territory and the cubs must learn to avoid killing goats and sheep other wise they will be in truble or risk there life being attack by the locals.

The Ridge pride have been one our main forcast since they go between the two reserves.
I dont know how he is still ruling this large pride with the young males coming and going out of his territory.
All the cubs and Females are together not one member is lost though times are had to feed this large pride.
Martin have been on the case with this pride and reporting to a filming company in the mara which is base on the other side of the river mara conservancy.

More news soon of lorian 
Regards to you all Jackson Looseyia.


littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson. Great to see shakira,Moja,Mbili & Tatu, they all look really well. It sure does seem as if Shakira is teaching her girls lifes lessons as to how to survive in the Mara and keep out of trouble...good for shakira, these girls will do well under her guidance.
Lovely to see Snaggle Tooth and hear that the Ridge Pride are all doing well
Great pictures Jackson & thank you again for your updates from your glorious office.

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson.

It's good to read your updates from the Masai Mara.

Is the film crew you refer to the one from Wildeye (with Gavin Thurston)? I know they are out there now.



Hi Jackson,

so Shakira and the 3 cubs are in the border of the park again? I hope these encounters with cows and goats do not take her to a dangerous situation were she gets killed by the shepperds. I hope these shepperds can forgive her and the cubs if they kill a member of their cattle.

Tutaona na badaye.
Cassio and Alessandra.

littletoto said...

Jambo Jackson,

What a great update. Its wonderful to hear that Shakira and her girls are doing so well - she is just a fantastic mother. Just stay away from those cows girls!!

Great to see Snaggle Tooth as well and its nice to know the Ridge Pride are all going strong.

Very much looking forward to hearing your update on Lorian.

Thanks again Jackson.

Little Toto x

Anonymous said...

Hello Jackson

What glorious pictures of shakira and her cubs and snaggle tooth. I respect them enormously for the dangers they face and how brave they are protecting their families.

I pray that shakira and cubs keeps their distance from livestock and that snaggle tooth continues to be dominant for the safety of his

Your updates are very inspiring and thank you for sharing your magical moments with us.

Regards to all

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
Thanks for the update on Shakira, and the Kids, they seem to be doing really well, and it's good to know Snaggle Tooth still hanging on to the Ridge Pride thanks for the news from your office

Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

Great to read what's going on in 'your office' and especially about Sita (Shakira) and her 3 cubs. We loved our visit to Rekero Camp in December and seeing Sita and the cubs, Honey's 3 boys, Olive and Binti, Loria and the Marsh Pride was a real privilege, and to hear all your stories was wonderful.

Sorry to hear Rob has come back to the UK, he must be crazy.

Hope to be back again later this year.