Friday, 6 March 2009

Just before Tea

This place call the maasai mara is truly magical place just arriving and have my first cup of tea the impala started to make call purrr puaaa.
We all got up on our feet what is happening , ''Look'' a kill binoculars out push the tea out of the way its action time on camp chair.
''Slow every one do not disturb its dinner time for Olive'' we sat pole pole and enjoy the show with our amazement we discover she got another kill just next to the other oo yes this is truly Bella daughter the real Queen of the Talek river ha.

In my heart I m saying thank you Olive for such a well come back to the maasai mara love it, ''Aha this is the life'' I as came back to get my tea looking at a long view in front of our mess tent on the talek river.
Soon after our few guest left to see the next part of intertwinement I wave and wish then a good afternoon before we join up together at the camp fire listening our big cats and hyenas in total darkness. Rob my friend camp manager who is about to live for good to the UK tap on my shoulder look up Jack, I now that is Orion and that is Taurus next to the seven sisters. You will miss this Bwana Rob I know, waiter can I have a large gin and tonic he said.

The wilderness is great for our souls the fresh air, and the kindness of Kenya people will always bring back I love africa one our guest commented.
Well come home its for all of us I said, if you think about it this is where we all started its here in africa it belong to all of us and glad to have you here and  to share this beautiful place.

Thank you all more new to come soon.
Salaam Jackson Looseyia. 


littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
You really do give us a flavour of what it's like in the Mara...i'm sure Rob is going to miss it.
Olive sure is Bella's daughter isn't she, two kills at once...what a girl!
Hope you catch up with all our other favourite big cats soon.
Take care jackson

Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson
What a marvellous welcome back to your office! Olive is truly an amazing cat. I think you'll be off to check on the rest of the J5 soon...
All the best to Rob for the future. Although I live in England, I left my heart behind in Kenya!
Love from Mama Duma

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

Talking about a warm welcome back to the Mara!

I'd like to wish Rob Stowers all the best for the future. I'm sure he'll be thinking about you and the Mara lots of times.

Thanks for yet another enjoyable update.

I know exactly what Mama Duma means: my heart lies in Kenya too!


littletoto said...

Jambo Jackson,

What a great update and what a leopard Olive is - just like her amazing mum.

All the best to Rob. I think if I ever did manage to get to the Mara, my heart would remain there too.

Thanks again Jackson.

Little Toto x

CatsEye said...

Thanks very much again for the update Jackson - Olive is beautiful, and good news that Miujisa is doing well and that there is a chance of her going to Meru later.

Dannyr said...

Hello Jackson,
Welcome back Jackson, good too see your update once again.

Olive is a tremendous and very beautilful cat, a true cat of the Mara!!

Mara sounds wonderful, I too wish one day to get to Africa, particually the mara and see these great cats and other annimals, where I too can loose my heart there. Who knows maybe one day I will :)

Thanks for the update


Mark and Ams said...

Jambo Jackson
Its great to hear all your news again! We will email you properly soon! I am not sure how Rob could leave the Mara, I'm sure he is going to find it very hard being away! We certainly have left all our hearts with you all in camp and the animals and it is only your news that keeps us feeling a little bit closer to it all!
Take care of yourself and love to all in camp,
Ams, Mark, Charlotte and George xxxx

M said...

Jambo Jackson
welcome back and as everyone else has said it's good to have your updates back again!!
I cannot believe how stunning Olive is- she is a truly magnificent leopard- very much like her mother.
It is also a dream of mine to visit the Mara and see the big cats that i have watched so avidly for years in person. Sometimes it really is a dream that keeps me going!!
I hope that you catch up with the rest of the big cats that we all know and love soon.
I hope to meet you in person one day! keep the updates coming- you lucky thing what a great place to work!!!
Stay blessed

Maramia said...

Jackson, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say how much we enjoy the updates from your office.
I'm sure we all wish we could be there with you.
Thank you for keeping us up to date with all the cats we have come to know & love :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jackson

Olive looks as though she is posing for you. What a marvellous huntress she is and so beautiful. She looks on top of the world.

Souns like Rob is missing the Mara already but will take back memories that will last a lifetime. Someday, one day, maybe I can be lucky enough to visit and see all that this wonderful part of the world has to offer Yes and the big cats would be high on the agenda.

Cheers everyone