Friday, 6 March 2009



Dear Friends,
I have just arrive from Nairobi yesterday visiting Miujisa after we have been separated for a week. I was warred about her and how she will react to her new home but she is doing well she now have many people to look after her also getting what she need for food. You cant believe fast this animals grow Look at her the only thing she is still missing is long views of the maasai mara sitting on a termite mount reading the menu but she is in good hands for her safety lucky to be a life in the fist place.

Nairobi is a little distance for me to get there every month this will translate I will not be able to see my little cat every week or twice a day to update you. I have made direct contact with her keeper through email she will update me every week and I will be visiting her once a month.

We are making progress on her new home I have been given the list of materials needed for her new home at the orphanage and I m in contact with Paula and John to send the money to the contractor to build her a place.
I have talk to the senior warden in charge of the park about the possibility of introducing Miujisa back to the wild and she said the only place KWS will trust for introduction will be Meru national Park. The mara will not be an option at all too many larger predators any cheetah which have been hand read will not survive in the maasai mara.
I have accepted that all I now wish is your contact of who will be the people to work with outside Kenya to do some introduction of cheetahs like this one back home away from people if possible?.
I would wish to see our wild cat in the wild in africa unless they are not able to serve on there own and need our help.
I still like to thank you all for your gracious contributions towards Miujisa.

My other big thank you is to Sanigo Naurori and Meikuya the two rangers who work had to look after miujisa in the first place.

Asanti sana 
Mimi wenu Jackson Looseyia.


littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
What a great picture of Miujiza, it's wonderful to see her looking so well.
It is sad that she can't come home to the Mara but her safety is paramount and if the possible release in the future is at the Meru National Park then that is what we all have to accept for her sake; she is too precious to put her in danger.
It must be hard for you only being able to see her once a month but we will look forward to your updates and news on Miujiza's progress. I hope she has her new home very soon soon.
I would also like to thank Sanigo and Meikuya for looking after our little girl so well before her transfer to Nairobi.....Great job guy's.
Look forward to next months update on little Miujiza.
Take care Jackson

Liina said...

Thank you Jackson for updating and inform us!
I'm happy that Miujiza is doing well. Good news!
Thank you again!
Take care,

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
asante sana kwa barua yako
It's good to know that Miujisa is doing well and being looked after. It would be the best future for her to be released into Meru National Park as it would make no sense to release her back in the Mara as she would not last 5 Mins. So let us hope that is her future, and to Sanigo and Meikuya tunakushukuru and to you to

Asante Jackson

Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson
So pleased to hear Miujisa is in good hands and growing fast! If, when she is older, she can be introduced at Meru, that would be wonderful. She would still look up at Kenyan skies and smell Kenyan air! I know that Meru was were the famous lioness "Elsa" was released back into the wild, so it's very positive.
Am wondering whether the Cheetah Conservation Fund would be interested in helping in the future? (
My thanks, too, to Sanigo Naurori and Meikuya for all they have done for Miujisa.
Love Mama Duma

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

Thanks for updating on Miujisa's progress.

I realise that the Masai Mara is not an appropriate area to release her. Meru looks a better bet as pressure from predators is far lower there than in the Masai Mara.

I would like to thank Sanigo Naurori, Meikuya and you for caring for Miujisa.

Namibia's Cheetah Conservation Fund ( and Africat ( may be able to offer their expertise when it comes to reintroducing hand-reared cheetahs to the wild.

Hope this helps.


littletoto said...

Jambo Jackson, thank you so much for the update on our little girl. It is great to know that she is doing well as we all think about her a lot and worry about her. It's also great to see a picture of the little cutey! As the others have said, the Meru sounds like a better place to release her than the Mara, well better in terms of her safety which must of course come first.

Its a shame that you can't see her more often - I bet that is hard for you. She'll be growing a fair bit in between visits too. Still its good that you will be getting weekly updates and I look forward to hearing them.

My thanks also to Sanigo and Meikuya for looking after our angel and thank you once again for the update.

All the best Jackson

Little Toto x

Anonymous said...

Dear Jackson

Thank you for your update on Miujisa. She looks in great shape.

I too hope that her future includes being released into the Meru National Park. However, that is a long while ahead but what an exciting prospect for her. She has proved herself to be so resilient so far so who knows?

Thank you for your hard work in keeping in touch with this little cheetah who means so much to so many and not forgetting Sanigo Naurori and Meikuya who must miss her too.

Kind regards to all

invinciblesimba said...

What a beautiful picture Jackson of little Miujiza.

Big thanks to Sanigo and Meikuya, as you have already said, for all of their hard work and dedication to this little bundle.

Maybe somebody at LEWA conservancy could help with advice about releasing hand reared cheetahs as they were instrumental in helping Simon King with Toki and Sambu.

Many thanks for all the good work out there and take care for now