Tuesday, 8 May 2012

White and the Marsh pride

We are still Looking for White Eye, it look like may be she is gone, now left with Bibi and her family,
Joy just arrive to the Marsh two days ago with three cubs out of five she run way with when the Musketeers took over from Clawed and Romeo.
The pride is strong though 9 lioness total, when they start breeding with the new males they will be a lot of them.

May white is ok but I will be surprise if she turn up some day.

Asanti Sana.

Jackson Looseyia.


Shirley said...

Dear Jackson,
Very sad news about White Eye. Still I hope that she will come back with cubs. I have read the website: bushworriors.org.and there I have learnt that she had cubs. Is it true. So maybe that is why she has not been seen? I really do hope this. I feel very upset that she still hasn't been find. Thank you for the update.

Mike Attwood said...

Sad news Jackson. Nice to see you live on British televion the other night.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I hope this news isn't true. Fingers crossed that she will turn up sometime.


Anonymous said...

Sad news Jackson but i am still praying she will appear one day. it was great to see you on Planet EarthLive on Sunday!!
Take care,
Apesey xxxx

Anonymous said...

So sad, I hate that this is happening to our beloved lions. Hopefully she was just run off and will still turn up.

Anonymous said...

Jackson, if White Eye comes into contact with Tamu are they likely to join forces? That would be great if they could support one another?

bernie bee said...

Hi Jackson lovely to see you on TV in Planet Earth Live.
I'm sure we will see White Eye again. Fingers and toes crossed. Keep looking for her please,
keep us all posted. Thank you.

Anindya said...

Hello Jackson, any more update on White Eye ? Eagerly waiting and hoping for good news....

Thank you.

Bill said...

Hopefully its a case such as with XPL 15, a Namibian lion. He was reported shot and then turned up two years later.

Jackson Looseyia said...

I hope she is a live the last guide to see her was nearly three months ago running towards east from Bilashaka while the four maketeers after her,
The good news is today the new born babies had been introduce to the pride.