Monday, 21 May 2012

Marsh pride Where is White

This Member of the Marsh pride have got little babies and we can see her every Day but White which every one thought she was pregnant is still missing.

Have a good day in the office.


Jackson Looseyia.


Shirley said...

Did you asked the Masai people if they have seen her?

Leopard726 said...

That is so sad! All our beloved Big Cat Diary stars are passing on -- Red, Lispy, Honey, one of Honey's Boys, etc.

On that subject, have you heard anything about Zawadi (aka Shadow)? I haven't heard anything about her since February 2012 so I'm still wondering if she is around. After her cubs disappeared, she disappeared too and I'm wondering if her age finally caught up with her. I miss that beautiful, bold cat. :(

Mayne. said...

I really hope she is found.. I remember watching her on BCD, along with Red.
It's such a shame.. :(

I'm so glad I found your blog though, this now means I can catch up on all the news over the cats, I almost cried over the news of Honey!

Anonymous said...

How I wish these big kitties could live forever, but they can't. I'm still watching the Big Cat Diary series (thank you Animal Planet!) and wonder if Chui is still around, Solo, I know Cheza and Sala are. I'm hoping Tamu will be found sometime. Wish the BBC would do a special BCD update sometime!

Anonymous said...

Marsh Pride picture. Is that Charm.