Thursday, 24 May 2012

The had one to see this Days

Lovers of Maasai Mara this is one of the two brothers, still strong and moving around a lot, this days they are near Maji Ya fisi all the way to Keek Korok, Our Cheetah are still had to find this days I have been in the Mara for a Month and a few days the number of Cheetah I have seen is shocking 5 in total this between Majia ya fisi Humarcop to Musiara God help us coming season.

Many Salaams,

Jacksson Looseyia.


Bobby Spalding said...

Is this on of honey's brothers or one of her sons.

He's looking good

Anonymous said...

one of the honey boys were killed by lions in Oct 2011, only two left now, RIP Honey and her deceased boy, they could be together again in heaven

Anonymous said...

I surely miss Honey, Toto and the other deceased BIG kitties....but that's life in the wilds of Africa.

Alex 'Olesia' Macey said...

Hello Jackson, I've just started reading through your blog, witch I just came across recently. I'm very pleased that I've found Big Cat Diary to watch again on YouTube and it's great with your blog to find out whats been happening with the big cats since it was last on four years ago. Thank you for keeping us posted and I'll continue to read everything from the beginning.
Thank you for your time and I'll look forward to reading future blogs from you.

Alex :)

Anonymous said...

So excited to see planet earth live. Jackson I was wondering why the dont follow male cheetahs more often dont they hunt larger animals? it would be amazing to see Male cheetahs hunting Zebra,Topi,wilderbeest,the bonds they have how they benifit against leopard, and hyena other compeditors and just there struggle..... sincerely a fan From California