Thursday, 13 October 2011

A lot had happen in the mara in the last few days I have been away.
Marsh pride, Honey brothers, Notch and his team of sons, what is happening?

See you soon.

Kind regards,

Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Looking forward to your update Jackson.

So many things happening.

Is it confirmed that one of Honey's boys has been killed?

What news of Clawed?

Are Joy and her cubs safe and well?

So many questions!


Anonymous said...

I hope it is good news Jackson, how is Bibi and White-eye?

Is there any news on Shakira's daughters too?


bernie bee said...

Please please give some more of your photos and information Jackson, reading lots of blogs ... so worried about all that is happening in The Mara. Joy.. of the 3brothers.. white Eye.. 4 males .. Take over of The Marsh Pride... So many things we need to know.
I am back in Mara next March but I can' t wait till then !!!!
Please please please. Some info...
Bernie Bee.

Chaitanya D Gokarn said...

I am eager to know what is happening? I hope everything will be fine....

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd like to know the answers to the questions submitted here too. Especially about Honey's boys, Snap/Crackle/Pop (smile) How is poor Clawed, etc. Hope you have SOME good news to pass along, and thanks for sharing too..

Anonymous said...

I am very eager to hear what has happened.

Anonymous said...

Please,give us the full story on CLAWED and ROMEO as to how they are doing today . Pictures of them please.. We love those old boys...

Anonymous said...

What has happened with the beautiful Sala and Cheza?- we
loved all the big cats, but
especially the lions-
Do Sala and Cheza have cubs
of their own?
Jackson Looseyia's Blog is
informative and charming- but
can we please see Sala & Cheza
again? Thank you

Anonymous said...

how sad to learn one of the HONEY's boys were killed by lion in Oct 2011, RIP, may you and your mother HONEY will be together again in heaven