Monday, 24 October 2011

Scar face is the new face of the Marsh pride.

This New face of the Marsh pride is here,
Its had to accept but its the lions life, Clawed and Romeo had been in the marsh for 4 years so many cubs had been fathered by this males, therefore its time they go other wise they will be mating with there owen cubs, Nature is clever and its take care of its self like it or not.
The nine cubs are no longer babies they are ready to mate if you remember during big cat live.

After the news of the Mara Marsh pride we now know Clawed and Romeo are out of the pride.
It happen with long fight with 4 brothers which came from the east may be fig tree but I think from Olkeju rongai on the south.

When Notch took over Olkeju a lot of Lions movement had taken place, the old Mama and some of the subs went towards the Look out then the five boys come east and I believe this are the males who took over the Marsh pride.
I had been following them at Double crossing area I thought they will take over Moniko pride with Cheza and Sala but they are still very strong indeed, the only one in the area with weak boys was the marsh pride.

We have lost 3 males from the River pride so call the disney pride now strong I would think they had move towards the Serengeti out of Look over Sand river area.

This the Quick updates on the Mara Lions, Paradise is still rule by Notch and his boys with 7 females and losts of subs.
River pride below Serena are now 4 lioness, 8 cubs three on the Rekero Crossing, and 1 call Lona with her cub use to be on the same pride but she move on her owen.

Mohican and three females from the New ridge pride are now together after the two males got chase by Notch and his sons towards Ole Orok Conservancy, he (Mohican) had just mated with this females and the old Marsh Males are not far off from them but will not threaten them with there age, Clawed and Romeo.

At the Double crossing area we had the three females, the younger sub had been kill by Bob when they took over for a months days, then Notch and his sons mated with them before they move on towards the east and take over Olkiombo pride.

Notch with his powerful boys had taken over Olkiombo pride consist of 10 lioness, so its largest pride they had congers so far,
They are so busy with lots of girls I think Moniko pride with Cheza and Sala are ok at the moment.

The last one to mention is the Marsh pride the old males had been seen on Rhino ridge together but Clawed was not in good shape at all, we will update you where about they are how there doing.
Bibi had now stayed on to mate with the new males the rest are still scatted all over the place but soon one by one will realize they have no where to go.

Honey boys had lost one of the strong bothers we still do not know but suspect lions on the rhino ridge,
Though they had been weaken with lose of there strong bother they are still the strongest males in the area by far, soon some young males will move in and challenge them, its the life of Mara wildness.


Jackson Looseyia.


apesey said...

Wow, a lot has been happening. please do keep us updated about the lions.
sad to hear about the loss of 1 of Honey's Boys but unfortunately it happens.
Take Care,
Apesey xx

Anonymous said...

I'm always happy to read about our old "friends" I love reading about Notch. Any idea how old he is now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful update Jackson. I'm so glad to see Cheza and Sala's names mentioned. Anyone see/hear about Solo? He is alive/dead? So glad to read about ole Notch too, a wonderful lion. Sad to read about one of Honey's boys...wonder which one? Snap, Crackle or Pop? Whomever it was, he's up with his Mom and little Toto and his step-sister now.

Thank you again.

Laikipia said...

So much going on in the Mara Jackson, thanks for the update and for letting us know.

Mike Attwood said...

Thanks for the update Jackson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Jackson. Really appreciate it.

bernie bee said...

Hi Jackson thank you for the wonderful updates and the photo of Scar Face.
Was that a conflict with a Maasai Farmer over cattle?
So sad at the lost of one of The Three Brothers his memory will live on in my photos. They were such a good team together and fantastic to watch them.
Thank you again for the info and please keep it coming.
Regards Bernie Bee.

Donna W. said...

Thanks so much for the updates Jackson. So glad to hear Notch is still going strong. I love that old boy. Sorry to hear about Honey's boys. There Mum was a very special cat, my favorite cheetah by far. Keep the updates coming. I do hope that Clawed and Romeo don't suffer in their remaining days. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackson for the great updates .I'm still concerned about Clawed and Romeo please continue to follow them pictures would be great. You do awesome work..We must protect and preserve today so they can thrive tomorrow and years to come.

bernie bee said...

Please please Jackson could we have some pics please on Romeo and Clawed are they still around?
Where are the four males that ousted them out.
Is there any chance that they may move on ..... And Romeo and Clawed could come back!!!!!! Is that likely to happen?
Thank you for all the up-dates
Regards Bernie Bee

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear friends,

I am had been trying to follow them but I have went there for a few min only no luck on where Clawed was and Mzee Romeo, the pride had not accepted fully the new males but they are there to stay no Doubt about that.
Joy and her Cubs are doing well away from the new males near Oloibor Soit, Topi plain area we just hope other male will not trouble them.
As soon as I have the news I will let you all know lovers of our Maasai Mara Lions.

bernie bee said...

Hi. Thank you Jackson for all your up-dates and photos much appreciated. I am lucky. I am able at the moment to visit The Mara twice a year and share a little of your office.
The last time we were there we saw and spoke to you in your jeep we were in The Governors Camp jeep with Mandila. We will be back in March and hopefully come across you again in our travels. Thank thank you again for everything you post up.
Regards Bernie Bee

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date on all the big cats! There seems to be a surge of attention for these animals in the U.S-especially the Cheetahs. I am sorry to hear one of Honey's cubs is gone. I am glad to hear there are still two. Honey was my favorite Cheetah.
Thanks Again!
Susan Howard