Thursday, 16 June 2011

Notch or Kali

Notch on the move,

After missing this old Male for a few weeks, I found him far from his main teritory God know where his heading to.
Notch and his 4 sons had taken over most of the maasai mara from Main Crossing, Topi Plains, not far off from the Marsh pride, Double Crossing right to edge of OOC, and still moving on.

I had found them with one of the 3 lioness from the Double crossing pride, however the smaller member of the pride is missing I think still running away from Notch boys.
The Main Males from this pride had gone too since they are 2 against 5 not a chance for them.

This Little pride will not keep the Notch and his boys here Bob I would think, he will like to Challenge Cheza and Sala at OOC.
While the rest may go back to Rongai, and River Crossing they took over from Fang.

I really do not know what will happen to so many cubs that are Fathered by this group its only time will tell.
The Marsh pride may not be speared either this boys are too powerful.

Go Notch, Ron, Bob, Notch II and Caesar


Anonymous said...

So good to hear about King Notch again. Hope he stays healthy for a long time and hope he avoids Sala. I wouldn't want either of them to get hurt.

Thanks again Jackson

Anonymous said...

Gosh almighty what a good looking lion, and what a great picture too. Nice to hear Sala's name mentioned, any word on I remember him on BCD w/he was lost and his mother found him, what an episode that was. Thanks for the updates Jackson!!


salama said...

Notch is doing so well for an old lion, he certainly has spirit.
His sons seem to be the same
Thank you Jackson for keeping us up to date on this magnificent Lion

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the updates..
Notch, what a powerhouse he is beatiful at age 11 he just continues to shine.
NOTCH...the king of the mara.

Anonymous said...

little Notch is all grown up

esther said...

So glad to hear mention of Cheza and Sala. I've just been watching episodes from 2007 of Big Cat Diaries where they are 5 months and 2 months old! Thank you for all the updates!

Donna W. said...

What an amazing lion! I am amazed that he is still ruling the Mara! Any news of his little mistress Tamu from several years back? Thanks for all the wonderful updates. You truly have THE BEST job in the world. Let me know if you have an opening for an "office" assistant!

@luckym said...

Where can I buy the soundtrack for Big Cat Diary?

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story Notch is and what an amazing life. A true living King and his princes touched by the hands of God. During the darkest depths of despair he has given me the will to carry on. His queens, princesses and prince have enriched my life I am humbled knowing that I have been blessed to walk on the same earth they once did God bless them may their legend live on when man is no more. Notch, Long, Grimace, Ron, Cesar, Notch II, 3 Graces, Tamu I didn't know you, but I love you all, watch over my beloved mother may she RIP.

Anonymous said...

Notch the king, encircled by life's ring. Five sons that marked your reign. The likes of you will never be seen again. Human bonds you created with your brother, sons, daughters and lionesses that you respected and honored may God light your paths forever!