Thursday, 9 June 2011

April Trip

Dear Friends,

I have been a long time since I had communicated, I had travel to USA and found the country just as good intresting as our own.
I arrive LA after 16 hours flying from Dubai, and crash for a few hours.
Then travel to San Diego to meet up with Aardvark boss John Spence.
We had been very lucky with the weather warm clear and the sea was nice every day we walk around the ocean.
I took a walk on Torry Pinne Park to see what I can see, it was just natural beaty and wanderful views.
The next day a friend Chip Owen took me to San Diego Zoo, I did not think I would like but I had some other things in mine, I love and miss the wildlife of Africa.
To my Surprise I love every min of it, so well done this Zoo.
Some of the animals I sow there are near extinction like the Northern White Rhino, Panda, among others.
I sow the rear Okapi, if I would had spend top Dollar to see this animal it could had been difficult knowing its only found in Congo.
The list is endless spend the whole Morning and do date I still think about it.

After 8 days of had work Marketing I travel north to Utah, to meet the Boss of Safari Tim Lapage.
He took me to another great county from Mexican Mountains to Bryce Canyon.
This had remain to be the highlight of my trip in the States.
Utah is very beautiful, indeed I was sock, we sow prong horn deer, and Elk on our flight which was like out of Africa.

I finish this trip and head home Kenya long time to be way from the office.
Landed in Jomo Kenyatta and went strait to TZ Taragire national Park for two weeks.
This was just fantastic to see and smell the wilderness of Africa.

Salaams to you all,

Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson,
Glad to hear you had a great trip, glad you are back though!
Apesey x

Anonymous said...

It is hard to visit zoos but they can serve a purpose to inspire we homo sapeans to make sure we provide a habitat for our fellow creatures in the wild. I will probably never have the pleasure of visiting Africa but it gives me joy just to know that these creatures are alive and thriving in the wild. Keep up the good work.
Eric Minton

Laikipia said...

What an amazing trip Jackson. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, glad you are back safely - we missed you :O)


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you back to the forum, no matter what area you working in. What beautiful pictures as always too, thank you for sharing them!