Thursday, 9 June 2011

Naboisho conservancy

Saitoti the King of Naboisho Main Pride.

Now I am in Naboisho once again, this place needed some one to make some great discoveries,
The conservancy is facing some challangers like Cattle, coming in during the day and at Night.
After the creation of Naboisho a lot of game had come back very fast, Cheetah, Lions, and Leopard among other preditors.
Lots of Elephants, Hippo, Zebras Giraff are present in this area.
I will be working in this place for a whole Month then will move back to the reserve and Mara North.
Naboisho is crucial to the area surrounding the maasai Mara national reserve, because of the loita Migration, this numbers are not as many as the Seregeti migration but its nearly half the size.
Most of the cheetahs had been running into this place for breading reasons now had finally ID as many as 12 Cheetah.
Its also home to the white head vultures which are getting rear in the whole ecosystem.

In the last week I have been driving around I had found very special birds like Yellow neck Spur Fowl, Golden Pipit, Magpie Shike, and the rearrest bird in East Africa, Karamoja Aplis.
Its special to live in this place and see it grow.

Love to you all,

Jackson Looseyia.


Susan said...

Great update to your blog. Although I follow you on FB it is nice to see an update here as well.
Glad that you had a great trip..but as I said to you before..
"There is no place like home"

Mike Attwood said...

Nice to se back safe and sound Jackson to carry on with your excellent work.

Mike Attwood said...
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Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Laikipia said...

Naboisho sounds like it is going to be a great place Jackson. Well done for all the work you all do to help wildlife.

Hoping you'll be back in the Mara when we visit!

Looking forward to your updates.


niki said...

Nice to have you back... I've missed your blogs !