Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Migration of ngu is going back to Serengeti

Dear Friends,

We have all been very busy in the office with so much going on from guiding to hosting and family time,

The migration this year had prove to be the best we have seen in Seven years, Our Cuts are busy Shopping, I mean every lion leopard and Hyena are full cant even move without having another wildebeest,
However this is not for long as the Migration head South, now flat out crossing the rivers being Talek or Sand River and the mighty Mara River,
One thing we have witness is the death of wildebeest this year at the Crossing so much I do not want to visit the river, its just filthy with with bodies every where.

Have a good weekend,


Jackson Looseyia.


Laikipia said...

Thanks for the update and photos Jackson - fantastic to see so many wildebeest.

Lynn said...

Thanks, as always Jackson for the update.
I know it's nature but poor wildies :o( I too would not like to see all their dead bodies in the river :o(

Dave-Luton said...

Thank you again for the update Jackson, only 16 days to go till I meet up with my guide Fred to explore the Mara once again.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see postings here, and many thanks for the updates. As Jonathan, Simon and Saba have all is a daily struggle in the wilds of Africa. I wish I could save ALL animals, but it's just not possible.


Anonymous said...


What company are you using for your trip. Are you staying close to where BCD is filmed.

thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

Jackson.... Thanks for the update and the photos.... Nice to hear from you again


Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear from you Jackson
The mara has certainly been busy with the migration.
I know it's sad to see so many animals lose their lives, but that is nature & allows other animals to survive.
I hope all the cats are doing well, I do wish the BBC would do another Big Cat diary, live or not, it would be wonderful to catch up with all the cats again


Jambo Jackson,

really great picture of the mass of wildebeests, it looks like knots of a live carpet.

But these guys should take a break to wait for us to get there...we have still 2 weeks till be there again, hope some are left behind for us.

Have a great week,

Maureen said...


I just returned from Masai Mara. Spectacular! Saw wilderbeest crossing back to Serengeti. Saw Bella (the leopard) daughter and grandson. Saw several cheetahs, including six baby cheetah cubs! Saw Marsh lion pride! Masai Mara has stolen my heart!!!


The agency I used for my trip was Go2Africa.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Maureen and Joe,

You must had seen Olive not Bella

I am glad you have a lot to share with us too,

Bless you


Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Cassio and Aless,

They should and with the green grass I am sure you will see some its soo green in the mara after some rain,

See you soon in the office



Maureen said...

Dear Jackson,

Thank you for your response. I know that Bella died about five years ago from old age. The leopards I saw were her daughter and grandson. I also saw you. I plan to return to the Mara very soon and hope that I can stay at Rekero Camp. I love Masai Mara!!! I love you Jackson for your updates on our big cats!