Thursday, 26 August 2010

Little Notches on the look out

Dear Friends,

We are all very busy as you can imagine how the mara is like now with Lost of ngus and guest from all over the world.
This is good news for Kenya and the people I share this office with.
One of the cubs Looking amazing with so much to do hunting technics, hid and seek with full belly, and the list goes on with a cub world.

All under Notch protection and his sons, at the moment they are staying between Talek oleorak to main crossing so much area for them and it could go and check out Olkiombo pride soon.

The rest of our prides are doing well too just plenty of food now.

Salaams to you in your offices 



Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the little ones Jackson, Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news about the little ones Jackson, so glad all is well. you always take lovely photos too. take care,
Apesey xx

Laikipia said...

thanks for the updates Jackson and the lovely photos

Dave-Luton said...

Great pictures as always, thank you Jackson

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your updates Jackson, here's hoping that Big Cat Diary will resume filming in the future so viewers can see a whole new generation...and some old friends too.

Whitestarling said...

Its great to know that Notch, and the Boys Cubs are doing well. They really look healthy. It would be fantastic if all the Cheetah Cubs in your last post make it, but as we all know that is a big if, with all the dangers they face. At least Saba is doing well with her Cub so far.
Thanks for all the updates, and Pictures Jackson

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the updates Jackson. I do hope BCD returns so that we can see these magnificent creatures in action.

Maureen said...

Dear Jackson,

Thanks for news and pictures of little Notches! They are beautiful.
I am counting the days to my visit to Masai Mara in September. I hope to see Notch and sons and cubs during my visit.

It is because of Big Cat Diary why we are coming to Kenya, Africa for the first time.

Jackson, we love you for keeping us informed about our big cats! Please continue the good work!

Anonymous said...


What company are you using for your trip. Are you staying close to where BCD is filmed.

thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

awsome pics Jackson, have you any info on the other cats?????

Anonymous said...

thank you so much Jackson for these amazing pics, any news on olive and the boys, cheza sala or shakira, honeys boys

Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson. What great pictures. I will try to compete when we arrive on the 8th. We are really looking forward to camping in the wild. Put the kettle on. Regards

Maureen said...


Just returned from Kenya. It was beyond fantastic! The agency I used to arrange my trip to Africa was Go2Africa. Yes BCD was filmed in Masai Mara in Kenya. I actually saw Bella's (the leopard) daughter and grandson. I saw the Marsh pride of lions and several cheetahs, including six baby cheetah cubs!