Monday, 27 September 2010

Shakira and Six young

Today in the morning 27th of Sept 

Dear friends,

I had went again to have a look at our cheetah mum and with my pic it still look like Shakira however I will not over rule all of the Id made by our friends out there,

few years Shakira with one of her cubs,

She is doing wanderful keeping this cubs a live and safe,
Where she is the pefect location with few lions and Hyenas well done girl.

Shakira with girls when they are young 

Jackson Looseyia.


Dave-Luton said...

I believe Jonathan and Angela Scott are on the Mara in October Jackson, im sure they will confirm if it's Shakira or not. Thank you once again for your continued updates.

Olivier Delaere said...

Thanks for posting Jack.
these are low res pics and the Ronkai cheetah's face is small.
I took a look at the tip of the tail ; no match.
Also check here what I did :

No spot matching...
Anyway, I wish good luck to this beautiful mother... the Olkeju Ronkai pride of lions is not that strong, but the Somak guides and tourists maybe another kind of harrassment ;-)

Anonymous said...

Shakira or not, what a beautiful cat...and adorable cubs! Good for her keeping them safe and sound.


becki-c said...

Wow, 6 cubs is a lot! I wish her the best hunting, that is a lot of mouths to feed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing the update of Shakira and her young ones!

alec lawrence said...

hi jackson i was just wondering if bcd was going to to be filming next year

Anonymous said...

she gorgeous - whoever she is!! i am sure you will be able to let us know eventually. cubs are really cute.
Apesey x

Mara Fan said...

asante sana jackson for this wonderful pics from shakira and her cubs


Hi Jackson and Olivier, really difficult to find a final answer with just 2 pictures.

If she is indeed Shakira or not we will find out sooner or later.


Whitestarling said...

As Cassio says itis difficult to ID from just a couple of Photos. We have some more Photos that were taken of the Cheetah, and the 6 Cubs over the last few days that can be viewed through a link on out Forum Wild About Animals
I'm not sure if they will help with ID, but they may.
Jonathen & Angela are due in the Mara 10th - 17th October .

Congratulations on getting to the Final Jackson by doing so you have raised awareness of the Animals, and the Mara to a Worldwide audience

Anonymous said...

Six...did you say six? What a miracle! What a Mama she is! Please keep us posted and more pictures please. You are appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Jackson has posted on facebook saying this isn't Shakira but her older daughter Duma

Anonymous said...


Where are you? I am looking forward to your next update of our big cats!

Maureen said...

Dear Jackson,

Is it Shakira or Duma her daughter with the six cubs I saw when I was in the Mara in September? Since I will be in the Mara again in 2011 I would love to know. Thanks.

Maureen in Connecticut, USA

Mike Attwood said...

Hi Jackson,
Wonderful pictures in The Sun and Daily Mail today of a cheetah and six young. It must be Shakira.
Good Luck.

Tanzania Safari said...

Wow, that’s quite a lot of cubs! I am guessing that they got a good chance of survival and growing to be full size with the protection of their mother?

Tanzania Adventure Safari said...

Fantastic pics Jackson, nice work!

Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures..

Safari Tanzania said...

Very nice pictures