Sunday, 8 August 2010

Habari Njema

My Friends,

Well after some long hours Looing for the leopards the J5 save the day, Olive young boy Nkayioni happen to be on the banks of the Talek river and what a Joy for me and the people I was guiding.
We sat there for some time with this young male leopard, he was hunting some small animals dik diks and Young Impalas.
Before he got in any luck we had to move on thank you Young Kijana for coming out for us.

The leopard had not servad as much as the lions and Cheetahs in the Savanna, 
Like any of our big cats if we are not there to care for them too we will have the same cry in a few years.
Its the cheetah we are most concen than any thing in Africa now.

On my way to our Homes I meet up with a mama with her cub a long side the rest of the Olkiombo pride near Double crossing.
What a trite for this Lioness to bring this precious cub near the Road.

I do wish to meet up with the rest today on my long day trip in such of the our beloved friends,




Anonymous said...

Hello Jackson and thanks for these updates. I was wondering whether you had seen Binti recently?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackson! Ohh, to have an 'office' like yours to go to each day....wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Jackson, thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us. I look forward to each new entry.

Teresa said...

Oh how I miss the show! Your kindness in keeping us all updated means so much! What can we do to help the Cheetahs? It's a terrible thing that they are in trouble.
God Bless You Jackson and thank you for all you do for the animals.

Laikipia said...

Thank you Jackson for keeping us up to date with all these magnificent cats.

littlewid said...

Its sounds like you had a busy day Jackson and what wonderful pictures. It's so nice to have reports and updates on all the cats, it must be hard work keeping an eye out for them all though, especially the elusive Leopards.
The Cheetah is a vulnerable cat with all the other large predators around, they are also my favourite cat.

Chatta said...

Lovely to catch up with the J5,
worrying news about the cheetahs though.
They are so vulnerable, I hope we hear better news soon.
Thank you so much for the updates jackson


Habari gani, rafiki Jackson.

so many good reports, I have been busy and away from the internet for a while and I am pretty happy now that I came back to take a look and read your marvelous news. And what stunning pictures of our big cat friends you have posted! The little lion cub is from Marsh Pride or is one of the little Notchers? Hope to them all there in October.
I heard also about the low number of cheetahs in other blogs and news fromother people. What a pity! At least I hope the 3 brothers are still around the plains.
Have a good day and good luck in your office.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jackson... thanks for keeping this blog up to date... Do you ever see the lion mother Tamu and or her grown cubs. Notch was the father and helped Tamu raise her cubs after he was kicked out of the marsh pride.

thanks Joe

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson,

Thank you so much for the updates!I've only started watching the big cat diary not too long ago and I've been riveted by each cat characters. I've especially became "attached" to Honey, the cheetah, and when I read that she had died, my heart really sank... From your recent blogs her boys are doing well (I'm so glad), but do you know how poor Honey died? I know it's probably been a long time, but I'm so sadden by the news... Looking forward to hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

@Joe - no one knows what happened to Tamu she hasn't been seen since big cat live :(

@anonymous - Honey died because of a vets mistake. If you google big cat diary the article will come up!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rosa. I read the article and can't believe they intervened like that... such a sad loss. Going to miss Honey. :(

Mama Matunda said...

Habari gani Jackson
thanks for these updates, wonderful.
Best regards Dani

Anonymous said...

Rosa... thanks for the info... I did watch the big cat live show where they talked about Tamu... I just thought that Jackson might have some current info on Tamu or the 2 grown cubs...

thanks again

Dave-Luton said...

Thank you for giving us the news from your office Jackson. I am looking forward to spending some time on the mara october 8-16. Keep up the good work we all are so greatfull.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the length of this, but wanted to post it here so everyone will per Jonathan's blog:

"Big Cat Diary...what's happening?"

People have been asking about the state of the game regarding Big Cat Diary. Not sure what is happening with Big Cat re-runs in the US – I was told that they were going to reshow the whole archive again – but maybe the person who told me that got their wires crossed and it has already happened – that was what I thought as so many of you contacted us to say how much you were enjoying the chance to watch the series from beginning to end. Did Animal Planet go right back to Series 1 of Big Cat Diary filmed in 1996 – or did they just begin with Big Cat Week and Kike and her cubs (2003)?? If you saw epidodes with Half-Tail then it would have been 1996 and/or 1998. So maybe our contact got it wrong and the re-runs have happened already?

We talked about Big Cat Diary when I was up at the Natural History Unit in Bristol – people still seem to think it will happen but there doesn’t seem to be any great rush to recomission from on high – having said that I know that it looked as if it was getting the green light very recently but then the money that was available got used for something else!!

But as one insider told me if the BBC really want to film more BCD they can find the money – just doesn’t seem to be a huge priority.

My take – and I raised this when I was in Bristol – is that the BBC would be nuts not to do something on Big Cat next year simply because with the Disney Nature theatrical release (cinema) of Africa’s Big Cats due out in UK/US in April 2011 the Mara’s big cats that are the stars of this 90 min film are going to be getting a lot of coverage. Disney will really come out all guns blazing to push their product – books, fluffy toys, calendars, ‘the making of’ – so why wouldn’t the BBC want to capitalise on the interest in cats such as Notch and his Boys and Shakira/Sita and her Girls who are stars of the Disney show. It would appear to be a no brainer not to bring our audience – and the wider audience that Disney will generate – up to date some time later in the year with more BCD????

Maybe you all need to pose that question to the BBC. I am told there is a petition doing the rounds to bring Big Cat back – so lets see what people power can do and find out just how much people really want more Big Cat. If they don’t then of course it means that Disney and other independent production companies may well see this as an opening for more of their own Big Cat programmes. At the end of the day it will be great publicity for Kenya, the Mara and the big cats of Africa. No question we would love to be involved in more BCD.

What do you think?

Ok, let's get writing everyone!!!

Maureen said...


Who do we write to? We are in the U.S. We love Big Cat Diary! Please give us the website to contact!

Please help us save Big Cat Diary!

Maureen in Connecticut

David said...

A few years ago, I was watching one of your programs featuring a pride of lions. Our yellow short-haired tabby, Maggie, was dosing on a chair when she awoke and found herself confronted by a TV screen filled with the image of a lioness's face. In shock, she slunk off the chair and across the carpet to within a couple of feet of the TV. She sat down and watched the cubs chasing each other while the grownups were chasing game. She couldn't take her eyes off the show.
I have heard that cats only see motion on a TV screen so I was surprised that Maggie was so attentive. I have photographs of this event so if there is a way to forward one of those photos, I will do so.
Till then, we are sorry the show is no longer in regular production but we will treasure every episode.