Sunday, 18 July 2010

Notch this morning


Dear Friends after hearing Notch is around I went very early this morning looking for a friend Bwana Notch,
Just before I found him the presences of his powerful sons was in the area Wildebeest running around, hynas giving way.
Then I had a radio call while I was fowlling one of his sons and a female may be more cubs soon.

I was very exited run and found him just as the first light crake the sky of the maasai mara.
What a moment looking at each other and meeting in joy,
When ever I meet up with this male lions joy fill all my body and I cant resist telling every one how they are doing, especialy people who know him, love him and how he stragle to bring his sons to this might.

This boys might have not meet up all night and now they are having a bond greeting and Notch there father is just looking on I am sure with a lot of pride, good sons.

Have a nice evening in your office too.


Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Jackson, what beautiful shots of Notch...worthy of Angela Scott's excellent photography. It is wonderful seeing him and knowing that he's doing so well. Makes me miss Big Cat Diary all the more, what a past Notch has had.

Thank you for making my day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackson. It was great to see photos of Notch after such a long time! He is obviously doing well as are his sons. Long may it continue!

Anonymous said...

long live notch!!

Misty said...

Thank you Jackson. Notch is absolutely beautiful, he is also my favorite. I can't thank you enough for the update on him.

Jess said...

What wonderful pictures of Notch and the boys! Thank you Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackson for another valubale update. Just like others I am also pleased so see Notch strong and well.

Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see Notch and his offspring. Thank you, Jackson

Anonymous said...

Have just arrived back from our first safari and what an experience. In the Mara saw Honey's handsome boys and Notch and 5 of his boys. What made our trip was on our 1st mara drive we had a female cheetah up on our roof! Amazing experience and will certainly return.

Anonymous said...

To the above posting...sounds like you did have a wonderful time. Seeing Honey's boys, Snap, Crackle and Pop (I love those names) and Notch. But to also have a cheetah pop onto your car...what a TREAT! It would take some getting used to for me (smile), I'd really have to restrain myself from reaching out and touching...which is understandably 'forbidden'. Thanks for sharing your news.

Laikipia said...

Lovely to hear news of Notch and to see him again.

Asante sana Jackson.

Teresa said...

Oh how I miss BCD! What a dynasty in Notch and his boys! Long may they run! God is sooo good!
Thank you so much Jackson for the update!

littlewid said...

Just brilliant to see my favourite Lion of all time, what a magnificent lion Notch is and so wonderful to see him looking so good. Thanks for the wonderful pictures Jackson and the update on this very special boy.

Maureen said...

Jackson thanks for great pictures of Notch! I will be in Masai Mara in September. Hope to see Notch!

Kaatje said...

What a handsome fella... Where is Big cat diary with all that wonderfull news???? I miss i