Monday, 1 June 2009

The Marsh Lions

Romeo and His small pride the 3 graces

Dear all,

Once again  these are the news of the marsh pride, I couldn't what to be back to the mara to find out what is happening.
This are the three Graces fantastic news every member of the Marsh is doing well.
After a lot of bad news of our lions in the mara our marsh pride is doing very good indeed no panic or any worry at all thank God.
And to be honest with you, we have lost some predators in the mara in last few months, people have been arrested as a result of poisoning the felines and Hyenas in some area of the mara.

Great meeting with tow of the graces and her cubs.

When I meet up with this set-light pride of the mash pride I realize one of them have been involve on a fight but she will be ok, as you can see from the side a little wound, nothing to worry her conditions is very good.
I am glad to come back in to the mara with a lot of rain, and most of the cattle had gone back to there respected areas a cross maasai land which indeed put a lot of pressure to our active predators.
 The conflict was very high which led to the poisoning of lion from the new comers.

Kali is very big now most of the time he is lone not with Binti or Olive but every now and then he goes and beg for some food.
Just last night in camp he killed a white tail mongoose and hag above the staff tents, and this is the news we are all waiting kali to be in-depended.

The next news be where Shakira and her cubs are.

See you soon 

Jackson looseyia.


BigCatFanz said...

Hi Jackson, Glad to know the marsh pride is ok, although worrying to hear about the poisoning of other lions :( Good to hear Kali is independant, and I bet hes huge! He looked big in your last photo last time! haha.. Well Glad you are well, and had a safe journey from your travels,
Take care and love all your blogs! x
Best wishes,

Matt Vaandering said...

thanks for the update:)

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson,
Good to have you back, we have missed you but hope you enjoyed your travles.
Great news that kali is doing well and killing for himself...Good Boy Kali....
So pleased the Marsh pride are all doing well but sad to hear about the poisonings, that's not such good news.
Look forward to the update on Shakira and girls next time.
Welcome Back

MaraMia said...

Hi Jackson, good to see you back.
So sad to hear people are poisoning these beautiful cats, I hope they're properly punished.
Good to hear the Marsh pride is doing ok, lovely pics of the Graces.
Good to hear news of Kali & that he's doing well out on his own.
I look forward to your updates as I miss being able to watch all the cats we've grown to know
Best wishes x

K Chan said...

Hi Jackson,
Thank you for the update. Looking forward for the news of Shakira and her girls.

Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson and great to have you back. Good news that the marsh pride are doing well and Kali too.
As for those people who have been poisoning the animals - they should be made to take the poison themselves...
As ever, look forward to your next update
Best Wishes, Mama Duma

Anonymous said...

I can't help but Wonder where Claude is

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

It's good to have you back. Rather worrying news about the poisoning of lions. Good to hear that Kali now is fully independent.
Thanks for the update on the Marsh pride.
I understand Rekero Camp is up and running again.
See you in September!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson, I was really saddened to hear last week of the poisoned lion, there seems to have been quite some coverage of it I believe. Cattle and predators just dont mix and I hope that both will try and stick to their respective areas! I hope the Mara is now looking green and lush and that the rains finally delivered some nourishment to the area. Andy and I are back late August......with our new baby (a new arrival I hear you say...oh no the new baby is the 'almost ready' Land Rover, not a real baby! (ok I know you are a 'cruiser fan'! Take care and speak soon, all the best, Sarah

Ann said...

Thank-you Jackson for the update on Kali.
I only recently found out about the series, Big Cat Live and have become a huge fan. But only get to watch on "you tube."
Can't wait to read about Shakira and her cubs:)

Ann said...

Thank you Jackson for the updates on the Marsh Pride and on Kali. It's always good news to hear they are doing well.
I have recently discovered the Big Cat series and have only been able to watch the shows taht are available on You-Tube.
How is Bella?

Rachel said...

Hi Jackson only just discovered you had a blog nice to hear updates on all that is happening on the mara and me and my father are fulfilling a lifelong ambition and joining everyone there for the great migration this August. It will be nice to visit your beautiful country and hopefully see the marsh lions in action

best wishes'

loverofthearts said...

Hi Jackson:) I Hope all is well:) I've been trying to get onto the site bigcatzfanz but I can't find it. I registered but can't find it:(

Also, It's awesome to hear everyones doing well. The only problem is I am soooo scared about the main marsh pride Red, Libsy, White Eye, and Bibi. I feel like watching this series I've watched this wonderful pride survive a long time. Where are they Jackson? Also, if they are in danger from pochers or tribe posioning. Please Please alert Simon , Jonathan, and BBC. I'm sure they would want to help. This pride is critical. Please alert especially Simon... Thanks Jackson:):) If your not able to get in touch with them just email me at with whatever information I need to get in touch with whomever. As you know there is a major problem with poaching and poisioning. Alot of foreigners are coming in to trophy hunt now. I have so much information on this. I'm so scared for the awesome wildlife in the Mara:(

dianelionlover said...

all of the big cat fans can also follow our favourite cats on and get more news of the Mara.


BigCatFanz said...

Hey Loverofhearts, sorry to hear your having trouble getting onto the site. the address is:

If your still having problems getting on you can email me on
I hope you can come along and join in soon :)

Jackson I hope you are having a nice time camping, will be good to have you back when you return from your adventure haahaa ;)
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Thanks you everyone for your help!! I'm so happy I'm back on BigCatFanz:):)

Jackson, Are u okay? How is everything in the Mara? Red, Bibi, Lipsy, and White Eye? Are they being protected?

Do you guys think the 3 graces are Tamu's kids?

My best:)

dianelionlover said...

hey everyone there is a new Mara update on
Paul Kirui's site with some lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

I am so saddened for Allana her cubs. And I was especially fond of Honey. I have been trying to find out more about the Cheetahs and it seems they have terrible lives. From humans as well as predators. No wonder they are on the endangered list. It is such a pity. There numbers are drastically reducing. I believe they are the most magnificent of the big cats. And i hope they you and your rangers can do more to help them for generations.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you for the update! I love hearing about the Marsh pride and I'm very glad they are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Please do all you can to stop the poisoning of the animals. :-( Thank you Jackson, you are wonderful!

luciana said...

hi jackson, hope everybody there in mara are fine, so sad what happened, hope things getting better, please tell me is Red ok? i love that lioness so much you can imagine. all the best for everyone

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