Friday, 26 June 2009

Shakira a ther mum

Moja and Mbili

Jamboni Wote,

As I had promise to see shakira from my last update, for sure I did meet her yesterday with three of her Cubs.
Moja, Mbili, and Tatu are so grown up you will not believe it.
Our big thank you to Shakira the mother for the head work feeding and protecting this lovely cubs.
On my travel in the last month I found cheetahs very few in both the Serengeti and out side the mara, and to have Shakira bringing three cheetah females to us is truly a blessing.
Now shakira may not be with her cubs for long believe me they need to be in depended soon.
I hope they stay together for a few days until the tomies arrive from the loita and Seregeti in a months time.
Shakira will always bring a lot of joy to us all in mara.
I will put the Three cubs on the blog for full identification and separating them from each other before they go different ways from mum.

The J5 are still going very strong I meet with Olive and Binti God knows why they are still together but no sign of Ayah or Kali.
Kali must be still around just a matter of time before the radio call that ''kali is here''.
Our leopards are really lucky the migration is not far we have now started to see a few of them arriving to the mara haaaa.
Miujisa on the other had is doing well indeed, Since we asked the Warden if she will be together with three orphans she is doing great.
He home is finish and not only we build a home for one cheetah but four, surely she is a miracle as we all agree.
We try to help Moyo her but if you think what Shakira done for Moja, Mbili and Tatu its brings all to our knees, however we had tried our best as human.

Since finishing her home I now owe the Trust £ 650 which I need your help on it to finish.
From my self and family I have contributed Sh 10000/-(£89) and Paula have given us £ 43.52 big thank you.
lets us all finish this before the end of August the same way we did when we started.

Best wishers to you all.

Jackson Looseyia.

NB more to come the marsh pride.


littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson, good to have you back. Wonderful to hear that Shakira and girls are all doing so well and it will be brilliant to have their identifications on the blog before they all go their separate ways, Shakira really has done an amazing job with her girls.
Good to know the J5 are doing well, always love to hear about that little family.
Miujiza is growing up too and its so pleasing to know she has a new family and is thriving and that they are all sharing a new home.
I too hope the donations keep rolling in. Please can you answer this for me though jackson. Ever since the appeal I have made a monthly donation to Miujiza via a direct debit from my bank, it's done through John and the rekero fund, I was told as long as I make the instruction on the direct debit to Miujiza all the money would go to her appeal fund. Can you please reasure me that this is happening, if it is then wonderful, if not I can cancel the direct debit and send the donation monthly via the Miujiza fund site. I would hate for her to be missing out on all the monies already sent.
Thank you Jackson. The money is being sent through in the name of Sally Webster. I am just surprised that so much money is still outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Jackson, i hope you read this because i have a suggestion for why there is the jackson 5.

4 of the 5, Olive, Bella, Binti and Ayah are all female so they stay relatively close, overlapping teritories and as for Kali, he was dependent on Olive.

What do you think of this


Joe Crammond

Matt Vaandering said...

Hello Jackson,
Thank you so much for the update. I am just curious. How would I make a donation?

dianelionlover said...

For all you lion lovers out there check out, it identifies the different lion prides in the Mara including the Marsh Pride. I didn't realize that Romeo and Claude actually head up two prides, the Marsh and River Pride.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update jackson, does anyone know when the new series of big cat diaries starts ? must be close ?

whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
It's great to back in you office, and bringing such wonderful news on Shakira, and the cubs, well I suppose there nearly not cubs now.
Atta Heritage updated on the Mara on the 17th June, and reported that Kali had been a frequent visitor to there camp, also that Olive had been seen mating with Big Boy near the footbridge at Mara Intrepid so maybe the J5 will be splitting up if she has more cubs.This is the link if anyone would like to read all the update

It's great that Miujiza is doing so well, but a worry that so much money is outstanding looking at the blog there are 231 followers if everyone donated just £3 each we would have it all payed for. For anyone who would like to do that this is a link to the masaimara fund that was set up to raise money for Miujiza's new enclosure you can donate there so come on everyone just £3 each

Anonymous we have been trying to find out from the BBC if there is going to be a Big Cat series this year after rumours that it was'nt going to be. We can't get a straight answer from them. I did start a petition on the BBC message boards to keep the series going, but it does'nt seem to have made an impression

Mags said...

Jambo Jackson, I hope I will be able to send some money soon. Lovely to hear all your news, give my love to the Mara


Anonymous said...

IT may not be alot but i have donated £5.00 to help towards the cost of the new enclosure for miujiza. Keep up the good work jackson and co you are all heros in mt eyes. Heidi Rodd

BigCatFanz said...

Hi Heidi, Thanks for the donation, I will make sure I get it sent along with the other donations. Please do not feel your amount is not enough, as really anything would help :) We really appreciate anything anyone can give, whether it be £0.50p or £50, it really is just as important x
Many thanks again for the donation. I will write you an email shortly to say thanks also x

Hey Jackson good to see you back!!
Look forward to more blogs about shakira's girls and your adventures in the wilderness! haaahaa. Well done with your own contributions to the Miujisa fund, we will get there I'm sure, if we all work together and help as much as we can x

lindatthelinks said...

Hi Jackson, i love to hear news of Shakira and her cubs,fantastic they are doing so well. Its TERRIBLE news that you are still trying to raise the money for Miujiza, COME ON YOU LOT OUT THERE!!! LETS GET THIS PAID!!
Well done Jackson.
Love you

Anonymous said...

I have now convinced my sister to give me £5.00 towards miujiza new enclosure! So you should now have two £5.00 donations in my name. I will try and see if i can convince anymore family/freinds as i think it is for such a great cause. Like i said before keep up the good work.
Heidi Rodd

Anonymous said...

No sooner asked.....

BigCatFanz said...

Hey Heidi, Yes I have recieved two payments in the same name, thought it may have been a mistake so you will probably have an email now saying about it :) Thats great! THank you so much for spreading the word and contributing what you can, Every little helps I say!! Thanks to all of you who have donated, Its very much appreciated as always!
Kind regards,

Camilla said...

A donation on it's way to help towards the cost to help Miujiza.

BigCatFanz said...

Thanks Camilla, an email has been sent to you as a personal thank you also :) x Its very much appreciated and will go a long way to this worthy cause! x

Audrey (London UK) said...

Is there any problem with Pay Pal - I have tried to donate with two different cards 1) My Visa Debit card 2) My Barclaycard - both applications were refused, and I hasten to add that I do not have any financial problems, my bank balance is fine and I do not owe anything on my credit card. Cannot understand it??

Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Friends,
We are soo nearly there on the funds I think we will be over before August
Thank you again for the Donations they are coming up very fast.
Its always good to finish up some good work before the nest one comes up from every conner of the world that need me and you.

Best Salaams

Jackson Looseyia.

Camilla said...

That's great news Jackson - keep us posted and good luck.

Asante sana

Anonymous said...

Jackson, Have you found Allana. I am glad the Honey boys are doing so well they would have made their mother proud. And it is still sad that Toto and her girl and herself are deceased. May God be kind to them in heaven. And Shakira also lost two cubs and then the poor Cheetah mother attacked by a pride lost her own life and her cubs. Any word of them finding any of her cubs alive. I could not have a job likes yours because I would never be able to see the Cheetah so picked on. May the Cheetah flourish where you are for they have numerous obstacles to get by.

Ann said...

Jackson~ I sent a payment via paypal to a couple of days ago (from the states.) I hope it got to him safely. I specified the money to be used For the Miujiza fund. I am glad to hear everything is going well for her!

BigCatFanz said...

Hi Ann,
I'm sure Jackson will reply to you soon on here about whether John has recieved your paypal payment, but I will give him a nudge to let him know he is to be expecting a payment to Miujisa from you :) Thanks for your kindness x