Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Drought

Dear all 
I m gland to be back to you after a week, we are not far from opening our offices in the Mara.
I have been active and involve with a lot of meetings in mara how to safe our wildlife, And I had meet some very concerning issues in the office last month with our Dorobo trackers.

You do remember my big concern of a large pride near Enesikira Koyiaki well the news have been broken by some of my friends that 4  Lions Cubs have been kill by Nomadic pastrolist last month that was why I was so worried.
When I reported this matter to the relevants outhorities they said well some one had been there before me and they had address the problem with imediate effect.
In the mara we don't have to do any introductions of any lions or hyenas we have plenty and the movement of all speacies is very high, To answer one of our members, the other animals are as many as in the main magration zebras, wildebeest, among many other grazers.

The drought is not finish yet and we have a big risks this coming months of loosing some members of our prides due to cattle and wildlife conflicts if the rains had now gone until next year.

The members of Lions I will be more warred are the Marsh pride since they are very close to the boundaries of our local community lands.
You all now Red, Bibi, Lisbey and White eye this are some of the most active lions I know in the area without a doubt.
As I raise the red flag I m as well possitive the warden will deal with any problems agrassively as we are aproaching the high season.
Most of our guides will be in the offices work this is also a good sign we can all work together to make sure we had safe our prides.

At OOC Ron work very had in the same period to make sure the people who are new to the area do respect the Animals even when they are attacking the cows he worn the fight but not easy at all as very one want to safe its pier.

Jackson Looseyia.


ilovecheetahs said...

Hi Jackson

Great to have you back and thanks for the recent updates.
Worrying news about the lions. How can anybody want to kill these beautiful creatures?

Don't like the look of that snake-even it is not alive!!
Keep up the good work Jackson and watch out for our favourite cats and help keep them safe.
God Bless and Salaams.

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Good to have you back.
I am praying that all our lions and other favourite big cats stay safe during the drought. As you say the marsh pride are on the edge and I would hate for them to stray into trouble, this is a very worrying time. Lets hope that your next update brings safe news of them all.
Thank you for your continued hard work and brilliant updates.
Take care

MaraMia said...

Worying news about the Lion cubs, but good to hear Red & the other Lionesses from the Marsh pride are doing well despite the drought, it's a hard time for all the animals
Thank you for all your updates, it's lovely to hear of life in the Mara, I'm hoping to get out to see it for myself very soon

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
Glad your back Jackson to keep your eye on the happenings in the office.
The drought is very upsetting lets hope you get some rain soon.It's sad to hear about the Lions, fingers crossed that the Marsh Pride come through ok. I'm sure you, and all the others will do your best for them.
We were all very sad on the BigCatFanz forum to hear about the death of Echo the Elephant she has been such a Star for so long it will be really strange not to have her around. I just hope the herd settle down, and find a new Matriach.
Thanks for your posts once again Jackson

Salaams WS

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

I am just catching up with recent updates. Good to see you back in the Mara.

Some good news, some bad news. I hope the drought will come to an end soon.

As I will be staying at Rekero in September I am looking forward to meeting you.

Keep up the good work...


Little Lisa said...

Dear Jackson

I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that our favourite big cats don't get themselves into trouble. How hard it must be for them and lots of other animals. Good to know that you are looking out for them though.

Hope the rains come soon and that the other big cats are safe and well.

Kind regards

Little Lisa

Anonymous said...

Oh please make sure Bibi, Lisby, Red and White Eye are protected. It would break my heart if somebody hurt them!! Thank you, Jackson!

lin said...