Saturday, 2 May 2009

At Koyiaki


Dear All,
It has been a long time since Kali updates however its all for a good reason.
I went to visit Koyiaki guiding school for a few days on a possible film with the BBC last week I learn a lot with our super hunters Ndorobo.
Lead by Rakita ole Shololo sleeping under the stars, we are tracking almost every thing including gothering of honey at one stage.
I was so suprise to see very few lions in the area I did wander what happend to a large pride which use to be hear I ask.
Kores look head to my eyes and I said what??
'' I had hanted in this area sleep at this place for many year I have not experince this before I had only two lions last night no hyenas or Jackals I dont know what is happening here Mr Looseyia.
We sleep one more day, I will make a judgment to you I said.
The following evening I went on really such no sign, on the grown, on the sky with vultures or on the water holes foot prints, I was so depress at the end may be some thing is happening hear Gentlemen I said.
We have to go out of this area said Rakita ok, to where senior.
We went to another area not to far about 30 min by road and we found everything we wanted 6 kills in one day was not bad not wetness but we found foot prints and we are very happy there but my mine don't go away from what might had happen to a pride I know of 15 lions???

On my way back to where my Guest Jane was spending night  I found a suprise for her, ''look I said lets get out of the car''.
I said if we all go out of business one animal will not A Dung Beetle I went a great length telling her what was happening at that moment we followed as it try several places to dig but It was go to take long at the same time I showed her the parasites flies following the beetle and this was our highlight of our day.

Our seven days are going fast where is the day gone I don't know we are finishing tomorrow.
We went together to Olkiombo Airstrip since I was also going to Nairobi for a three days meetings but before we left I meet with Paul and other Guides well tell me what is happening men, Well Kali is almost in-depended from mama and Binti still visit him more than the mother I wanted to be here in the mara to see this happening but we cannot do every thing some things will happen out of our sight and its ok too.


I then call KWS to make some appointment with miujisa Keepers and I got them all well I m coming tomorrow please let me come and see what is happening with my little girl.
I finaly went every early in the morning even before her keeper was there and then sat and wait for him to take me arround the place fist to the enclosure how is it going well we are waiting for the cement to haded so we can finish it up it is so large I m so happy for our little Girl Miujisa through her the other cheetah cubs will be in the same enclosure as her since they are now freinds.
I then went to she how all 4 of the are doing just great I must say well done you all for feeding this animals and keeping them safe good job.
While i was looking at them play I notice Miujisa is not happy about something then got a little close it was the lions in the next enclosure ooo this is why .
The keeper said she is very novers of lions and the lions as well know about it so when can you finish her home I will be unhappy too if I was her a few months a go she lost her mama and brothers to this large cats

Then I finish my day so well with my family yesterday but I m still very tied it will take me at list a week to be back on track.

Salaams to you all 

Jackson Looseyia.


dianelionlover said...

Jackson your friends look like they are carrying bows and arrows, do they use these for hunting, and if so what are they hunting?

Glad to hear our animal friends are doing well, any news of Notch?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson,
glad you had a good time.
glad 2 hear news of Muijita and that she has made friends. i can't say i blame her for being nervous of the lions either!!
take care
Apesey xx

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson, well that sounds as if you have had some ups and downs, life is never plain sailing is it.
Good to hear that Kali is doing well and wonderful to hear that Miujiza's new enclosure is coming along and she will share it with her new family......Away from the Lions.......
Take care Jackson and thanks as always.

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
Thanks for the update. It's good news on Kali. I hope he has stopped jumping on to vehicles we were getting a bit concerned about him doing that, after viewing a few clips of him doing it. I'ts also good news for Miujiza that she has friends, and good that the funds raised have also helped three other Cheetah Cubs

Asante Sana Jackson

BigCatFanz said...

A mixture of good and worrying news there jackson, I do hope things become more clear soon x Its good to know Miujisa is doing well, and is still with her new found friends :) As WS says, its nice to see we have helped out the other cheetahs too with the support, and that is an unexpected achievement! Well done to you all there for keeping tabs on her, and keeping her safe.
Take care and best wishes,

p.s: happy birthday!!!!!

Little Lisa said...

Dear Jackson

How busy you have been? Worrying news about those lions though, I do hope you get to find out what is happening in that area for such magnificent cats to disappear like that.

Lovely to hear that Khali and Binti are in good health and doing well. Sounds like you've missed them too.

Also, wonderful to hear about Miujisa and that she has friends to play with but sadly has those lions too close for comfort. However, sounds like her new enclosure will soon be ready and i bet she can't wait.

Hope you can take things a little more easy once you get back to your office.

King regards to all

Little Lisa

Anonymous said...

Dear Jackson

Having read your blog again and returning to your recent comment when out with the super hunters about the lack of lions in a particular area including a pride of about 15 lions. Is it possible that there is insufficient game in the area for some reason and would it be possible to re-introduce lions there and keep tracks on them. Also has poaching impeded on this area at all.

Lions seem such hardy animals that something seems really amiss.

Hope the mystery gets solved because if experienced trackers don't know then it is real cause for worry.

Good wishes to all