Thursday, 16 April 2009

Members of the Marsh pride.

Cubs of the marsh Pride.

Dear Friends,
Once again I m writing to let you know some members of the marsh pride.
First the cubs within the pride, We have two members from the Three Graces only not from the main pride so far, As I have shown from above the young girls and boys are still young to be left a lone from there Parents which is normally the case when they females are ready to breed.
I hope this information is helpful to you all.

Now Tamu mmmm I m sorry to tell you I don't know too what happen to Tamu I remember during and after filming we are looking for her but we did not know what had happen.
Just some useful information about the mass pride is they are very close to the conservation area which mean they are alway in and our of the National reserve and coursing problems to our local maasai taking cattle.
If you remember a few years ago the marsh pride was not film that was on of the reasons the pride severs very badly and the film makes did not have any other option rather than look for another pride to film and the like of Sala and Cheza were known.
I m just telling you some of these friends will not be known how they end up.
I think this why the beauty remains here with us.
Warm regards

Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

I can't help feeling that you are telling us that some of the lions are dead. Is this true? I don't quite understand what you mean

Jackson Looseyia said...

I m telling you we always don't know what happen to our Big cats Like Tamu I really don't know where she is and I have not said she is dead,
I have also indicated the pride have been in and out of the park many times and over the years they got into trouble and some of them have been kills.
Not the present members though just to be precise all of them are there at list when I left the park a few days ago.

Liina said...

Thank you for updating, Dear Jackson!
I really wish that Tamu is OK and not dead!
Thank you again!

Daniel said...

Thanks you jackson for updating us, I really hope that Tamu will be ok

Andre said...

dear jackson i will love to know about shakira and her girls also about honeys boys. thank you for updating us on the marsh pride but i personally want to know more about our cheetahs. thank you very much.

PD: also about miujisa, and in deed the j5 again thank you.

Little Lisa said...

Dear Jackson

Thank you very much for your update. The lives of these lions is very important and we do need to know as much as possible of the outcomes regarding their encounters out of the security of the reserve.

I do hope that Tamu is still out there. Her amazing devotion to her cubs and courage in the face of so much adversity was something to behold. As we have witnessed, these lions can also go through many distressing hardships. The temptation of an easy meal will always be there.

Respectfully yours

Little Lisa

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackson, I really enjoy reading your updates, it makes me feel closer to the Mara. I hope to come again this summer, having been there twice and miss it so much. I will look for you when I get there, so that I can shake your hand! Have a lot of Massai friends from around the Mara.

I hope Tamu is safe somewhere with her cubs and when filming starts again, she is found! Wouldn't that be great! Please update us on Honey's Boys and also Shakira and her girls!

Kind regards, N

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Always hard not knowing how some of our fav cats are but as you say they move around but I do hope Tamu is ok.
What a delight it was to be introduced to Cheza and sala, two wonderful little stars, they gave many a laugh and heart stopping moments.
Love your updates as always.
Take care Jackson and look forward to the next update.

meghan0607 said...

Have you heard anymore on Tamu? Oh, I really hope she is ok..she was such an amazing lionness..

Anonymous said...

Have you heard anymore on Tamu? She's my favorite lionness and I would like to know how she is doing. Thank you!

meghan0607 said...
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Jackson Looseyia said...

dear Meghan0607
I m afraid I have not seen tamu at all where she is we all dont know yet I hope she is a live some where in the mara.

Jackson Looseyia

meghan0607 said...

Sorry for all the questions, but what of her cubs? Are any of them still alive? I know she lost one in a lion attack. Didnt she have 2 males that survived? Are they still around? Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!

Bby Cheetah said...

I really hope that Tamu will be okay! But ummm I really want to hear more about our Cheetahs though. And I really hope you will be able to see Tamu again because just as her youngins can be in trouble so can she. I really would like to hear more about Half-Tail and her cub Chui, Olivia, and his little niece. I also would like to hear about Honey and more specific details of how Toto died because Toto was one of the cheetah I really looked forwawd to make it to maturity because he was so small. So if you can update us up with that information also that would be great. Thankyou!!

Your Friend,
Jessamyn Howells

Strummer's Army said...

Dear Jackson, I hope you are well. Blessings for Tamu, she is such a lovely lady wherever she is. Jackson can we please have an update on Sala and Cheza, there pride, size of it etc. I guess their awesome Father's from the Ridge Pride have passed away or moved on. Also, please an update on Solo. Is he Sala and Cheza's older or younger cousin/brother? Last I heard of him was on the show and he was an adolescent giving the Ridge pride females a hard time with his buddy. Blessings to all and protection and love for all the animals.

xl pharmacy said...

This National reserve is wonderful, I would like to visit Africa because I love the animals , lions are wonderful !

Anonymous said...

Although this series has a little years now, it's been recetly put on tv in Spain, so I haven't had the chance to know more about these great, amazing big cats and the human team (Jackson, Saba, Simon, Jonathan...) and I really feel so sorry to read about toto, honey and tamu... they were just part of my life...
You can't imagine the image of my boyfriend and me at home waiting impatiently to see the show on tv..
We have just finished season 4 and we got in internet to know more about all this... that is when we have just read on Simon's blog what happened...
BIG CAT DIARY FAN NUMBER 1 with love from Spain.