Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Visit to Miujisa

Hallow friends,
I had a senior moment on the 28th I was suppose to fly to Nairobi but I miss my plane but never mine I drove instad.
Our drive was intresting we meet a lot Maasai cattle going to the mara for better grazing I mean thousand on the road.
We finally got to Nairobi and I had to rush to the ophange to see my little girl miujisa.
I then call my other friend Keyur another contrubuter of miujisa fun, we always talked on the phone but never meet this was the moment I was longing for.
It was a moment between us three Miujisa, Jackson, and Keyur
We then had a discussion about the future is this little cat a long side with the staff will it be possible to have her in the wild? can this place be made larger for other cheetah too? why this why that? you name it I think this staff though we are such a pain.
Having grown in the wild with free animals it is so had to accept what is happening to them but I have to remain myself this are all orphans and no one in Kenya know how to deal with introduction of animals in the wild its rather al laming.

Keyur and Martin ask to see the materials and we left the little one in her large Enclosure now filling better she is finally at her long time home!!!
I had always followed the materials very close to make sure nothing goes missing on the way and my Friend Keyur who live a few min from the orphanage had been a great help he monitor every thing that we said to be bought and well done him and thank for helping us all to make sure what we said it happen not just another white elephant.

We then had a thought some little cheetahs are near by why miujisa is not with them? we ask.
The keepers thought what a good idea but can you tell the boss they said I then call the boss the senior warden and she said we look in to and if possible and the expert say so will do so she said.

What a day for me and my team, Salaash our camp manager was traveling that night to Spain so we had to work around the clock until we escorted him to the Airport at 9 pm.
I was not going to miss another flight to Amboseli.
My trip to Amboseli was great the Mountain was clear on the flight I can see mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount lenkai on the west and Mount Meru looking toward the south just beautiful.
The day was intense since I had miss one day work had for 12 hrs non stop and at last I send my message to the children and the community of Esitati just out side the park, Look after the wildlife, birds, trees, and water catchment will you they all said yes ha at list some one had to educate the society the will remain ignorant of there surrounding I love my job.
I then came back to my office in the mara and all is waiting for me can wait to let you know how they are doing since I will stay for 7 more days after we had close in two days time, See you soon on the blog.
Best wishes for Easter 
Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear news of Miujisa, what lovely photos of her!!
your senior moment comment made me laugh!!
can't wait for the next update.
take care
Apesey x

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Thank heavens Miujiza and us on the BigCatFanz forum have you and keyur. That was a wonderful update and brilliant pictures. Miujiza looks so well which is a credit to her new keepers at the orphanage.
Your senior moment made me smile Jackson but it sounds as if you had a ball anyway.
It would be lovely if Miujiza could be introduced to some little friends in the orphanage, I'm sure Moyo would be so happy if that could be possible.
Have a wonderful and peaceful Easter Jackson.
Best wishes to you and your family and all at the Orphanage.

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Jambo Jackson,

Another great read... thank you.
Things are really looking up for our little girl.
Boy, did you have a busy few days.
Thanks for updating us.

Happy Easter to you and your beloved ones.


Mags said...

Hello Jackson, I hope you have a wonderful Easter as well. I recently looked at a video we made in the Mara and I cried because I do not think we will be able to return as my husband has heart problems, but I will remember it always and ache to be with you all. Thinking of you and the animals always. If you know Simon and Peter who work for Somak, give them our best wishes. Samburumags

littletoto said...

Jambo Jackson and thanks for a wonderful update. It is great to see Miujisa doing so well and I'm glad you and Keyur are there to keep an eye on her.

Thank you so much once again.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful easter.

Little Toto x

Little Lisa said...

Dear Jackson

Miujisa looks so relaxed and content in your company. Thank you for the photos, you can really see how much she has grown. I am glad that she has a bigger enclosure and that perhaps she can have some company at last. What a journey you must have had to get there.

Also, take heart, although you missed one flight at least you got to Ambolesi ok so you are not that senior yet!

Look forward to your next update.

Kind regards

Little Lisa

Liina said...

Miujisa the beautiful. She's just adorable!!

catrafiki said...

It is sad there is no one working on ways to release these animals back into the the wild. From the 60's to the 80's George Adamson successfully reintroduced many captive or orphaned lions back home to the wild. His wife, Joy,also succeeded with leopard and with cheetah. It can be done.It was George's hope,as is mine,that some young Kenyan would take up his cause.

catrafiki said...

It is sad there is no one in Kenya working on releasing these animals to the wild. From the 60's to the 80's George Adamson successfully reintroduced many captive or orphaned lions back into the wild. His wife, Joy,also succeeded with cheetah and leopard. It can be done. George always hoped some young Kenyan would take up his difficult cause.So do I.