Friday, 9 September 2011

Notch is still strong as ever I had just meet him with 4 females from Olkiombo pride which the sons are Mating with some of them.

2 cubs got kill however life must move on in our great office.

Salaams to you all,


Anonymous said...

Always saddens me somewhat when I hear that cubs are killed, but I know that's part of the life in the wilds of Africa. The pictures of Notch are just wonderful, thank you for sharing them!

Donna Wiedrich said...

It's so wonderful to see Notch doing so well. He is such a beautiful noble cat and my favorite male in the Mara. Keep the pictures and updates coming! I can't get enough!

darrel said...

did red pass away naturally or was she killed? is it true that cheza and sala have there own pride?

Tim Randall said...

Thank you Jackson - I was delighted to see your comment about Notch associating with the Olkiombo Pride. We saw, photographed and videoed a magnificent male lion in that area at the end of September 2011.

We now believe him to be Notch.