Saturday, 1 May 2010

Habari Toka Offisi

Dear Friends,

How exiting to drive from homes to camp and meet up with our preditors.
I went today to visit our camp and just on root I meet up with Olkimbo members 3 females and 2 cubs.

After that I found honey boys in a good light and My day was made here.
The grass in the mara is very long indeed for those who are planing to come in this months the area look amaizing with some good clouds around and fantastic light however you have to bear with long grass had photogrophy.
I then went with John one of our senior guides to see what is in the area and now before the after noon shower.
We then found Notch boys all together very happy and you can see how affectionate they are to each other.
Notch and one of the boys are some where but 4 of the boys were together may be thinking how to catch hippo tonight.

Indeed what a well coming day for.

Bless you all,

Jackson Looseyia.


Tammy said...

Hi Jackson,

Such great news and pictures! So happy to hear Honey's boys and the Notch's boys are doing great.
Thank You so much for sharing this with us. I will be looking forward to be hearing more from you. You are doing such a great job letting us know what is going on there.
I hope you and your family is well.


I love the pictures! :)

Susan said...

Awesome news, awesome pictures, and an awesome life.

Thanks Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, this is just wonderful to see Honey's boys (how I miss that gal) and Notch's boys too. Thank you, as always, for the updates!

BigCatFan said...

i don't quite like calling Honey's boys Honey's boys

i think we should give them three good names for these beautiful male cheetahs

Anonymous said...

Jackson; You have done great again as usual. With a great picture of the lioness with her cub. And a nice update on Notch and his boys. And of course news of Honey's Boys. Can't wait for updates on Shakira and her girls. And The rest of the big cats. You do a great job of keeping us all informed. And thank you for your dedication to all the animals of the Mara, and your dedication by keeping us informed.

Cherry Palpallatoc said...

"Notch and one of the boys are some where but 4 of the boys were together may be thinking how to catch hippo tonight."

- Sooo cute... love it.

Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

Thanks for the update and for the photos - lovely to hear that all is well in the Mara.

Van said...

Thanks for the updates Jackson!So happy to hear about Honey's boys and Notch's Boys.
Could you please tell us when you find Shakira?Thanks.
Bless you.

littlewid said...

Good to know Honeys Boys are doing well and the Notch Boys too, always puts a smile on my face to know they are all well. Lovely pictures Jackson and hopefully you will be able to catch up with Shakira soon and her girls.
As ever thamks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Jackson; Just read it was your birthday. Happy belated birthday wishes. Donnie

yours' truly said...

Hi Jackson,
Could you tell me how many lions in total are there currently in the Marsh Pride?Thanks.


sHabari nzuri toka ofisi ni karibu sana, rafiki.

Thank you for the updates. Looks this season starts with full power for the bigcats, hopefully we will see you again in the end of the migration.

Asante sana,
Cassio & Alessandra.

JamieZ. said...

love your blog :D

sportsbook said...

Cute and awesome pics to see. thanks for sharing with us jackson, hope i see more you from your blog.

Leo209 said...

I am a huge big cat fan, and i hope you guys can keep posting more pics and more news. Keep up the fantastic work.

tylerlawrence1992 said...
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tylerlawrence1992 said...

did they cancel the show?

Anonymous said...

Great updates as always Jackson, thank you.
So sad they cancelled the show I miss catching up with all the cats we've come to know & love
I hope one day they will do another series

bigcatfan14 said...

why did they cancel the show?

BibiFan#1 said...

Thank you for the update on Honey's boys and Notch's boys!!!! I know what happened to Honey and that is so very tragic.... They did not need to tranquilize Honey, she would have let them treat her cub anyway!!!!! I am so mad that they made that one mistake and that mistake ended Honey's life!!!!! She was a good mother (just look at her three boys), she tried so hard to keep Toto alive..... She saved him from baboons and lions but that just wasn't enough!!!!
With love and saddness for Honey,

BibiFan#1 said...
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BibiFan#1 said...
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