Thursday, 29 April 2010

New Ideas,

Members of Naboish, Olare ork, and Emotoroki come to witness.

While I was at home I have meet up with some good community Ideas from ladies to men It was very exiting to see some people are coming with some solutions like addressing the cattle wildlife grazing areas conflicts.

Ron Beaton the founder of Olare Orak conservancy as well as our father of Rekero camp and homes for a long time have come up with this excellent Idea of harvesting the grass than banning in every year while we know the communities will need the grass in had times.

Over the years we had burn the grassland to get more grass genate and keep the ticks under contral now I thing this is the best project ever in maasai land and other parts of the country 
Ron and all other members of Olere Orak conservancy if this works it will help the parks to and protected areas from the ongoing conflicts every year being the mara or Tsavo you name its.




Laikipia said...

Anything that can be done to help the conflict between wild animals and livestock grazing will be great news. I look forward to reading your updates Jackson.

Olivier Delaere said...

Hi Jackson and thanks for the update. Hope this option will be the good one ;-)

littlewid said...

I pray this brilliant initiative helps to stop the conflict Jackson, look froward to hearing more about how it all goes.

Marcus Ong said...

I hope they can keep up the good work, Jackson. It is great you all have taken the initiative to reeducate the people. Kudos to everyone at Rekoro.

Chloe xxx said...

That is a great idea Jackson!
I am so glad that you/we have all come to an agreement on what we all think is best.

Anonymous said...

jackson , i was wondering what happen to my fav cats bebe, is she ok and how is she going.....and keep up the good work , and keep us update about my another fav solo, how is he hanging....


Anonymous said...

Now this is what i call good news!!!!! VERY GOOD NEWS!

Wildlife Photography by Uwe Skrzypczak said...

This is brilliant initiative. Thanks for update.